S23 E2 – Successful Partnerships with Kenneth Boyer

Today in The Lounge, Nick talks to Kenneth Boyer of Atelier K, based in Los Angeles. Boyer runs the interior design firm with his business partner, Kristin Gunnette. Together, they design high-end residential homes along with custom furniture and lighting for their California clients.

S23 E1 – Sally Williams, Not Afraid To Try

Today in The Lounge, Nick kicks off this season with Sally Williams of Colorful Concepts Interior Design. Based in North Carolina, Williams built her business from scratch after falling in love with interior design. She talks about trying new things, the hardest part about running her business, and the importance of investing in your work.

S22 E14 – Steak House Hospitality with Beth Donner

Today in The Lounge, Nick talks to Beth Donner of Beth Donner Design based in Long Island, New York. Donner is busy balancing projects all over the country from residential to commercial to restaurants, not to mention, her ongoing ten year partnership with Ruth’s Chris Steak Houses. Donner tells Nick about how she got her start in interior design, and how she created her own successful business.

273 – Entrepreneurs Justin Riordan and Bria Hammel

Over the weekend, The Chaise Lounge posted a version of this episode that mistakenly included an older conversation with Bria Hammel instead of a more recent conversation (that came as the result of the first conversation). This episode was uploaded to replace the one posted on Saturday and now includes Nick’s chat with Bria, as well as the full explanation of “Cocktails and Conversations”, and how to 10 people will be able to get free copies.

Today in The Lounge, Nick sits down with designer Bria Hammel, as well as Justin Riordan of Spade and Archer. Nick and Bria focus on the trivialities of managing teams and finding the work-life balance. Justin and Nick discuss a variety of topics including cheerleading, drawing floor plans, and of course, everything that home staging encapsulates.

160 – 3D Rendering and Social Media

3D Rendering and Social Media

Today in The Lounge, we are joined by Carla Espino, project manager of the 3D Rendering Department for Porcelanosa and Natalie Reddell, Commander In Chic. Nick and Carla discuss the process of having a 3D rendering made from Porcelanosa. Nick and Natalie talk about her start in interior design and how she got her nickname. They both let us know what they will be doing at High Point Market.

Getting to Know Carla

Carla works in New Jersey at Porcelanosa’s corporate headquarters. She works with everyone, from retailers, designers, to contractors. Carla went to school for Architecture in the Dominican Republic. She has worked for Porcelanosa for two and a half years.

Porcelanosa’s FREE 3D Rendering Services

3D renderings are a complimentary service Porcelanosa offers to customers to visualize what a project will look like before it’s completed. Their products include cabinetry, plumbing fixtures, bathroom furniture, ceramic tile and flooring. Walk-in clients can go to the showroom and sit down with a design consultant who will talk them through products, materials, and finishes. It can be hard to visualize what a room is going to look like once everything is chosen, so a rendering is put together a with a few different options, such as vanities or countertop finishes. This helps the client make up their mind about what they want their space to look like. If you’re a designer, an architect, or anyone with a client, you simply send Porcelanosa your floor plan, elevations, and finishes, and they will send the rendering back to you and your client. It’s as simple as that.

Nick’s OWN 2D Rendering Designs

Nick sent in the floor plan and dimensions for his Master Bathroom and Porcelanosa sent back two potential designs to remodeled his bathroom with Porcelanosa products. Check them out below!!


AFTER!!!!!!!!!! <—

Getting to Know Natalie

Natalie Reddell is the owner of Commander in Chic. Her favorite fashion accessory is handbags: if it’s sparkly she loves it! Natalie’s favorite room in her home is her dining room because her walls are Greece-ocean blue. Natalie loves decorating for her guests. She is from central Florida and now lives in Virginia. When asked beer, wine, or cocktail, she doesn’t drink so she prefers diet coke.

Natalie first got into interior design when she started remodeling her dollhouse at the age of four. She even used toothpaste caps as lampshades. She was also fascinated with psychology as a kid so she went to school with the intent of getting a psych degree, yet always found herself in design stores. Natalie is glad she studied psychology first because a huge part of design is taking mental care of your clients. She puts her heart into her designs and her clients love that. Natalie received her interior design degree at Florida State and did a Parson’s program in Paris for a semester. She works for herself and loves designing entire homes.

Commander In Chic

Commander In Chic came about as Natalie started reviewing products she’d bought on her  Instagram account, which gained a following. She got the name from a nail polish that she loves.  Her friend convinced her to start a blog and Natalie began using the hashtag #CommanderInChic. The rest is history: it’s been her brand ever since and she’s even trademarked it! It’s always the first hashtag she uses, so you could say it’s her signature too. Natalie loves hashtags so much that she bought a hashtag which appears in her posts quite often. It was rusty at first but she spray painted gold and put sequences on it. This is how her hashtag, #thegoldenhashtag, got its start.

The Business Today

Natalie has two businesses: her interior design business and her golden hashtag business. She currently has about ten products, works on vacation homes and mostly does residential projects. Natalie will be at High Point Market for about a week but while she’s there her projects don’t take a backseat. She multitasks by planning around it, creating installation dates prior, and always being available to her clients, even when she’s out of town.

Natalie at High Point Market

Natalie is doing an Instagram takeover for Highpoint on Friday, October 13th. Natalie will also be sharing her design expertise at a panel called Bold Color Pattern on the 15th and doing a tour on the 16th, click here for more information, and don’t forget to RSVP. Natalie’s favorite vendors at High Point are CR Laine, Gabby, Woodbridge Furniture, and Universal Furniture. She loves Universal furniture because they have a quick turn around time, about two weeks, which is great for clients. She also loves it because at Market she can see their furniture and then relay information about a certain piece to the client. Natalie is an antique junkie and loves shopping product in all the showroom at High Point.

Natalie also recommends the High Point Market App because it reminds her what events she is missing and might still have time to go to or if she forgot to visit one, she can put it on her schedule for the next day. 

You can follow Natalie on her Instagram and also on her website.


Design Manager is a great resource to track all of your business projects. It is an affordable system with easy to follow tutorials. Design Manager also offers a 30 day FREE and a 120-day MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, so there is nothing to lose. If you haven’t tried it yet go ahead and give it a go!

Porcelanosa offers FREE 3D Renderings services and also many other great products and services, so be sure to check them out as well and stop your local Porcelanosa showroom.

Benjamin MooreBenjamin Moore offers paints that are low VOC and they offer a very durable products, like the Advance Product.

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Wrap Up

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135 – Industry: Can We Talk Green Design?

Industry: Can we talk Green Design?

On this episode of The Chaise Lounge, Nick chats with Phyllis Harbinger, interior design industry expert. Nick and Phyllis get into green design, what that means, and how to incorporate these design principles in residential projects.

Specifying Sustainable Products in Residential Design

Phyllis Harbinger joins Nick in The Lounge while wrapping up a busy school year at FIT. She kickstarts the conversation by informing us that clients aren’t asking for green design, and honestly, aren’t necessarily open to it either. Phyllis lets us know though that the more natural and sustainable a product is, the better off the environment and even the client is.

Phyllis and her class were recently able to visit Material Connexion, which she referred to as ‘a candy store for designers.’ Phyllis recalls a specific wallcovering that was a grass-like cloth which absorbed odors and even cleaned the air.

Green design and green products temd to find their way into commercial projects more often than residential, so it is important that designers start educating clients. It may take more time to discover these products and put together green spaces but it’s not always at a higher cost. Green Design may be a challenge, but it’s rewarding. Resources for repurposing items include local antique stores and online sources such as 1stDibs, Previously Owned by a Gay Man, etc.

How to Know if Product is Green

Many times it can be as simple as a label on textiles stating it as a recycled good, but if not, you may need to research the content and where it was made. Often, importing from across the globe can “undo” the good of a “green” product by increasing its carbon footprint.

Phyllis notes vinyl wallcoverings and certain carpets as not environmentally friendly, while cork is a better option, or even opting to refinish wood floors rather than replacing them. She also recalls a project where it was more “green” to install a new floor on top of an old one, rather than tearing it out.

Nick also encounters environmental issues in his business. In the past, low and zero VOC products were significantly more expensive. This cost was a hurdle that prevented his customers from making the switch.

When this difference decreased, Nick and his company decided to make the change across the board – not only for environmental reasons but also for the health of his crew.

Phyllis and Nick also talk about repainting cabinets versus installing new ones, specify ultra suede green, and talk about the versatility of carpet tiles.

Send Phyllis an email to get in touch and learn more!

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