New York City Interior Designer Kammi Reiss Knows the Story of What It Takes to Succeed in the Design Business | S25E7

How are our interior design business colleagues and friends in New York City faring through all this craziness? That’s the first question host Nick May asks our...

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Luxury Endures: Bruce Andrews MacDonald and Interior Designer Sarah Eilers Share a Vision for Rooms that Stand the Test of Time | S25E6

In this special guest-hosted episode of The Chaise Lounge podcast, we find ourselves in the excellent company of bespoke furniture designer Bruce Andrews Macdonald, founder of Bruce...

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Interior Designer Wendy Yates and the Art of the Pivot | S25E5

Interior design is all about change—usually for the better. But what happens when obstacles present themselves, as they sometimes will, that require a design business to slowly...

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Get Ready, Get Set, Get Press with Interior Design Brand Advisor Amy Flurry | S25E4

Today on The Chaise Lounge podcast, host Nick May catches up with his good friend and fellow cheerleader for the interior design trade, Amy Flurry. For listeners...

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Residential vs. Commercial Design: For JAB Design Group, It’s All About Relationships | S25E3

In 25 seasons of interviewing successful interior designers around the world, The Chaise Lounge host Nick May has heard from dozens of design professionals who steer clear...

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Fashion Snoops’ Jaye Mize Talks Trends and Why They Matter to Your Interior Design Business | S25E2

It’s the time of the year when the fashion community debuts its fall/winter couture collections, and you can bet today’s guest in The Chaise Lounge has been...

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