S23 E14 – Highpoint Warmup with Andrea Schumacher

Today on the Chaise Lounge, Nick is joined, for the first time, in the studio by Denver designer Andrea Schumacher, the principal of Andrea Schumacher Interiors. 

Schumacher talks about her transition from fashion to interiors, expanding out to Santa Barbara and her plans

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S23 E13 – Feel-Good Design with Carrie Long

Today on the Chaise Lounge, Michigan designer Carrie Long joins Nick to discuss working with a baby, hidden doors and everything good design can do for a person’s life.

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S23 E12 – iMay Media Digital Marketing Director Tyler LaChapelle

Today’s episode of the Chaise Lounge is coming from inside the house. The director of digital marketing for iMay Media, the company behind this podcast, Tyler LaChapelle...

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S23 E11 – Instagram-First Marketing with Karen B. Wolf

Today on the Chaise Lounge, Nick welcomes Karen B. Wolf, principal of Karen B. Wolf Interiors to the show. Wolf fell in love with art as a...

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S23 E10 – Designing Marketing with Nancy Charbonneau

Welcome back to the Chaise Lounge. Today, Nick returns with Nancy Charbonneau, a Texas-based designer who runs Charbonneau Interiors, a boutique design firm that specializes in bespoke...

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S23 E9 – Be Blunt and Get It Done with Victoria Sanchez

Today on the Chaise Lounge, Nick joins Victoria Sanchez in a conversation about knowing your worth, charging for services and how it gets easier with practice.

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