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Interior Design and Proactive Marketing with Pamela Durkin | S30E13

Welcome once again to the Chaise Lounge Podcast. It has been a great honor to speak to so many talented and passionate designers over the course of the show. To close out our 30th Season, Nick May sits down with interior designer and marketing specialist Pamela Durkin. Pam’s design career began with the usual wide...

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Alex Alonso of Mr. Alex Tate Design: Not a Firm, But a Studio | S30E12

Hello! Welcome once again to the Chaise Lounge! This week, Nick May sits down with Alex Alonso, a designer and proud leader of a studio in Miami, Florida! Throughout his life, Alex has experimented with many different interests. He initially pursued engineering, then switched to Spanish Literature. Starting from his senior year, Alex worked and...

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French Designer and Architect Julien Legeard: Discovering Beauty | S30E11

Welcome once again to the Chaise Lounge Podcast! This week, Nick May sits down with Julien Legeard, a residential and hospitality designer with a powerhouse team in Miami. Julien was born and raised in France. He studied business in university to extend his range of possibilities for a successful career. His interest in the field...

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Miami’s Fernando Alvarez of Le Jeune Upholstery | S30E10

Welcome back to the Chaise Lounge Podcast! This week, Nick May chats with a designer, but not an interior designer. Fernando Alvarez and his family own an upholstery business that has existed since the 1960’s: Le Jeune Upholstery. Fernando’s parents, Consuelo and Osmundo immigrated to Miami from Cuba. They opened a furniture upholstery business, working...

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