An Interior Designer with an Entrepreneurial Spirit: Cara Woodhouse | S27E17

Today on The Chaise Lounge, Nick May is joined by Cara Woodhouse of Cara Woodhouse Interiors. Nick and Cara discuss her bad experience with an internship, her...

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How to Transition from Employee to Partner with Tom Diverio | S27E16

For the first time on the show, we have a guest that became a partner at a firm after being an employee. Joining Nick May on The...

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Social Media Marketing with Kyla Herbes | S27E15

If you’re not using social media, our next guest highly recommends you start. On today’s episode of The Chaise Lounge, Kyla Herbes joins Nick May as they...

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Building a Network for Interior Designers with Genevieve Trousdale | S27E14

On today’s episode of The Chaise Lounge, Nick May has a conversation with Genevieve Trousdale of Circaphiles. Nick and Genevieve share a passion for helping others and...

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Kendall Wilkinson: Hiring a COO for Interior Design | S27E13

To the public eye, you might seem like an overnight success. For our next guest, her overnight success came after over 20 years of hard work. This...

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Sustainable Interior Design with Sarah Walker | S27E12

One way to think of Covid in a positive mindset is that it certainly has made people more aware of their physical and mental health. On this...

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