260- Live From High Point: The Antiques Diva & Aidan Gray

Today in The Lounge, Nick speaks with Toma Clark Haines, The Antiques Diva, and Randall Weeks from Aidan Gray, at High Point Market. The three discuss the upcoming collection, “The Antiques Diva,” by Aidan Gray. Toma and Randal dive into how they came to work together and the lessons they learned along the way. the origins of their own businesses.

259 – Live From High Point: The Design Network

Today in The Lounge, live from High Point Market, The Design Network! Nick had the chance to chat with the founder of The Design Network, Jason Harris, as well as designers Christopher Kennedy, Shayla Copas, Meg Caswell, Jason Oliver Nixon of Madcap Cottage, and Anne-Marie Barton. Nick and his guests talk about all the exciting upcoming shows and what the Design Network is all about.

258 – Live From High Point: The Breakfast Show 2

Welcome back! Today in The Lounge we’ve got another exciting episode recorded from High Point Market at Universal Furniture: The Breakfast Show, a live talk on everything design from the happenings at market to what it is like to produce a line! On this show, Nick and co-hosts Catherine Hersacher of Bespoke Interiors and Garrison Hullinger speak with designers Barry Goralnick, Barrie Livingstone, and John Bernard from ModShop, as well as Christine Phillips. The group chats about all the new and exciting events they’ve got going on at Market.

Announced at High Point, Catherine and Garrison have a new podcast coming this winter, Coast to Coast Design! On the podcast, the two will discuss current projects, conquering business aspects while also staying creative, and the antics that go on behind the scenes. Expect to get a good laugh from the pair and to join in on their fun!

Back in The Lounge, Barrie Livingstone gets into what it is like to live and work abroad. Beyond his upcoming Bravo episode set to release in the spring of 2017, Barrie is working alongside Luca Boffi to be the head creative director of a new endeavor. He will be designing with both Zara and Ikea in mind, mimicking the core ideas of fast fashion. On the show, the group discusses the innovative concept of the furniture line and everything that has gone on behind the scenes its creation.

Designer Barry Goralnick chats with the group about his new line released at HPMKT with Currey and Company. Quality and professionalism are of the utmost importance to him, and he always designs with this as his foundation.

The husband and wife team, John and Taryn Bernard, run ModShop, an online and in-store furniture and home goods shop, with the help of Christine Phillips. On the show, the California-based creative talks about what it is like to be in the race to get a creative idea to market and what Christine does for the company. After 16 years in business and stores popping up across the country, the family-owned business is only expanding operations.

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257 – Live From High Point: Passion Sucks. It’s All About the Money!

Today in The Lounge, live from Universal Furniture at High Point Market, Passion Sucks. It’s All About the Money! On the panel, Nick is joined by designers Garrison Hullinger, Jarret Yoshida, Angela Harris, Christie Barbour, and Phyllis Harbinger. Nick and his guests discuss the meaning behind Passion Sucks, touching on the best ways to become successful – beyond creating brilliant designs. After fantasizing about their lives if they weren’t designers, the group jumps into the importance of balancing both creative and business aspects when being an interior designer. It’s impossible to become successful without conquering all the difficulties in the design life.

256 – Live from High Point: The Breakfast Show

Welcome back! Today in The Lounge we’ve got another special episode recorded from High Point Market at Universal Furniture: “The Breakfast Show,” a live talk on everything design from television and Mercanteinfiera to advice for students! For this show, Nick and co-host Trish Semmoum, host of The Student Lounge, got together with designers Michel Boyd, Robyn Baron, and Toma Clark Haines, as well as Cynthia Ferguson and Billy Ceglia.

255 – Live from High Point: Thom Filicia + Tim Branscome

Welcome back to The Lounge! Today, Nick sits down with Thom Filicia and Tim Branscome at High Point Market! Thom and Nick get into the business of television and design, while Tim and Nick talk about the platform for emerging artisan designers, Planet Seven.