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concrete at home

15 – Fu-Tung Cheng: Kitchen designer turned whole home designer

Cheng Design House 6

Photographed by Matthew Millman


Fu-Tung Cheng

Photographed by Matthew Millman

Photographed by Matthew Millman

  • Based out of: Berkeley, CA
  • Where did you go to school:  UCLA and Univ. of CA at Berkeley
  • Drink preference:  Beer, wine, then a cocktail
  • Favorite place to work:  Puerto Rico
  • When did you start designing: at 38 – 17 years ago
  • Computer preference:  Mac
Photographed by Matthew Millman

Photographed by Matthew Millman

Starting as a kitchen designer, Fu-Tung owner of  Cheng Design, has become a very noted and successful designer.  He has a line of hoods that he designs for  Zephyr, he is a published author, documenting his work, was nominated into the National Kitchen and Bath Hall of Fame,  he designs homes all over California, and has a boutique line of sculptural concrete countertops — Geocrete™ .  Fu-Tung came to Denver to present on designing with concrete at an event I attended.  conc_at_home bookHis story of building a unique design firm was very interesting, and I thought it would be awesome to have him on the podcast.

To get in touch with Fu-Tung, contact him through his website at Chengdesign.com

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