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Today in The Lounge, Nick talks to Kenneth Boyer of Atelier K, based in Los Angeles. Boyer runs the interior design firm with his business partner, Kristin Gunnette. Together, they design high-end residential homes along with custom furniture for their California clients. 

A Creative Direction

From a young age, Boyer knew he was going to move in a creative direction. He studied landscape design at college in New York, but really discovered his passion while studying abroad in London. There, he was inspired by city life and European culture, and decided he was ready to begin his design career in a big city. Boyer moved to San Francisco to work on interiors for Ralph Lauren and soon transferred to Los Angeles to work on their store on Rodeo Drive. He eventually left Ralph Lauren to start his own design business, but not before clicking with his future partner, Kristin Gunnette.

Having All The Hats

The two opened their own design firm, which has been in business for two years now. Their partnership works because their strengths balance out the other’s weaknesses. It is still just the two of them at the firm, but that does not slow them down. Along with handling all the business responsibilities, they keep busy designing homes all around southern California. Boyer really enjoys exercising his creativity through custom projects. Atelier K designs custom furniture, lighting, kitchen, bathroom, and more. “I think that’s what makes design really special,” says Boyer, “when you can offer that really tailored service for a client.”

Can’t Do It Alone

Boyer knows that when running a business, you can’t do it alone. Along with his trusted design partner, Boyer uses Design Manager to help him stay organized and on top of bookkeeping. Design Manager can be a valuable partnership for you and your business too. 

Learn more about Kennth Boyer and Kristin Gunnette’s work at www.atelierkla.com and on Instagram @atelierkla.

“It’s really special when you can have that opportunity to work with someone in a really collaborative sense and it’s not competitive. It’s something that really creates this unity in design.”

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Wrap Up

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