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Today in The Lounge, Nick catches up with Breegan Jane of Breegan Jane design. Based in Santa Monica, California, Jane not only runs her own business, but is also a mother of two boys. She pursues other creative endeavors as well, hosting a radio show, writing a blog, authoring children’s books, and exploring new opportunities in television. In this episode, she talks to Nick about how she balances her entrepreneurship with motherhood.

Always An Entrepreneur

Jane grew up in Hermosa Beach, just outside of Los Angeles and not to far from where she lives now. From the age of five, she worked as a model and actor all around the country. When she was just 18, Jane opened her own store front on Manhattan beach, first selling other retailers’ clothing and eventually designing her own. Not wanting to be married to one spot, she sold the store and went to work for a yacht manufacturing company in Austin, Texas. There, she designed her way all the way to Creative Director. But it wasn’t until she went back to California and started designing homes for a movie producer that she fell in love with interiors. 

Becoming Supermom

“When I entered motherhood, as my first and foremost job, I knew that working for myself was what I needed to do,” said Jane. So, she bought and completely redesigned a property, her first job where she was working for herself. After this, requests starting pouring in and her business took off. Today, she has an office in Santa Monica and keeps busy with multiple projects throughout the Los Angeles area. Jane’s design focuses on both beauty and function, and really asks the client what needs to work in their life. Being a hardworking mother forces her to stick to a strict schedule, but Jane loves every second. 

Growing Your Team

Breegan Jane has her hands full with her business, her home life, and her creative endeavors. Her growing team helps her keep it all running. “Without a team, it’s impossible to achieve more,” she says. Design Manager can help your design business by tracking projects, invoicing, accounting, and more. To add Design Manager to your team, you can visit designmanager.com and start your free trial.

Learn more about Breegan Jane at breeganjane.com and on Instagram @breeganjane.


“Being a healthy human is understanding what makes me feel the most alive. For me, that’s a to-do list that most people would be overwhelmed by, but that’s where I thrive.”

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