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S21 E3 – Sustainable, Conscious Design Two Ways with Angelo Adamo and Deborah DiMare

Cape Cod component home by JLA with interiors by Adamo
TV room design by Angelo Adamo
Office design by Deborah DiMare

Today on The Chaise Lounge, Nick has two conversations with designers who focus on different areas of “green” design, Deborah DiMare from Miami and Angelo Adamo out of Michigan.

Deborah Dimare is a vegan interior designer who doesn’t use any products made from or derived from animals at her own company, DiMare Design. DiMare describes herself as a lifelong animal lover who always cared about animal rights, but didn’t look into the skins and hides industry. When she did, she decided it wasn’t for her and revamped her whole library to be 100 percent vegan. Her passion for “green” design led her to run VeganDesign.org, which offers resources to designers who want to incorporate vegan practices into their work. Designers can even take a 7.5 IDCEC-credit course to become certified in “healthy and humane interior design.”

Angelo Adamo is a returning guest who has turned his hand toward designing component homes. Small structures that are designed and built to fit together like blocks. Adamo’s goal is to combine the function of the component homes with all different design aesthetics so that they function while also feeling familiar or traditional. Component homes like these, because of the construction process they undergo, produce less than half the waste of a traditional house.

Because of Adamo’s flair for sustainability and “green” design, Chaise Lounge sponsor Polywood selected him as one of three design ambassadors. It’s a perfect fit for Adamo who said both he and Polywood are “passionate about protecting our natural resources and encouraging stewardship of our environment.”

To learn more about vegan design, visit vegandesign.org where Chaise Lounge listeners can become members for 30 percent off with promo code ChaiseLounge30. And check out Angelo Adamo’s blog AngeloOnDesign.com.

POLYWOOD is more than a line of products. It’s a philosophy. They’ve created an entire business model around sustainability and an appreciation for the beauty of the outdoors. As an Australian, I am passionate about protecting our natural resources and encouraging stewardship of our environment. I’m thrilled to represent a company whose products speak to the way I choose to live.

Angelo Adamo

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