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237 – Cecilia “Keki” Cannon: Blogger Extraordinaire

Today in The Lounge, Nick chats with Cecilia “Keki” Cannon of Cecilia Cannon Staging & Interiors. Cecilia tells us how she got started in interior design and the staging business, and how blogging was a marketing catalyst for her interiors business. Find out on the episode how she strengthens her business through her blog, “Home with Keki”.

Getting to Know Cecilia

Cecilia started her home staging business about a decade ago, but that was quickly eclipsed by her interior designing. Not only being a designer and a mom, she also runs a robust interiors blog, “Home with Keki”. She blogs about decorating, home makeovers, paint, market updates, and design tips. Interestingly, she used her blog as a tool for marketing and eventually added it to her professional website when clients began associating her with her blog.

Design Resources

As her blog became more popular, Celia educated herself on the entire process of online writing, from research on trending keywords to writing, photography, editing, and SEO. She uses digital tricks to bump her posts up in Google searches and takes the process very seriously — although it is a lot of fun. Recently, Cecilia wrote about the Datacolor ColorReaderPro, a fascinating tool that quickly matches color on any texture with paints from Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, Behr, and half a dozen other paint companies. It’s personally saved her so much time trying to match customer’s preferences with paints.

Learn more about Cecilia at www.ceciliacannon.com — and visit her blog!

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Wrap Up

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