Welcome to Day 2 of the Design Blogger Conference in Atlanta, GA. Nick May of The Chaise Lounge has another round of amazing guests!


Amanda Gates of Gates Interior Design talks about the difference of life and people in California and Nashville, TN. She runs her interior design business out of her home which is what a lot of highly successfully designers are starting to do. Amanda’s design style is very green and Feng Shui. She is enjoying the southern grace design that Nashville has to offer.


Audra Wrightson, of Audra Interiors, is an interior designer that has just started diving into the blog world. She is hoping to mentor and educate via the online world. Her design style is very timeless and classic. Audra also started a company called Suite Dreams. It caters to designs for nursery, kids and teens as well as playrooms


Bruce Andrews Design is a luxury furnishing design brand. Bruce Andrews started the company with a line of chairs. The collection is expanding to ottomans, sofas, lights and fixtures. Everything is handcrafted and handmade. Each piece will be limited edition, only 100-170, of each. They are timeless, heritage pieces that are collector items.


Krystine Edwards is a realtor and interiors designer that will be starting on her own HGTV show called “Charleston Charm.” It’s a family show featuring both her sons as well as her contract husband. The pilot will air on Sunday March 20th at noon (check local listings) on HGTV. She is also featuring giveaways on her social media sites.


Lisa Rickert shares her love for furnishing with her new company Ave Homes. Ave Home is a specialty furnishing company based out of New Orleans. They currently feature 4 collects of vintage styled furniture. The main focus is furniture for the living room and dining room. Ave Home is a new company, started in January 2016 but already had a showroom in Las Vegas and will open another at High Point Marketplace.

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