Sue Moss: Designing Hawaii

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 Quick Facts

  • Went to school:  Iowa State University
  • Office in: Kamuela, HI
  • Difficulty working in HI:  Distance from resources and time difference from the mainland
  • Favorite design element:  Color
  • What would you do different if you started over:  Business education
  • Number of staff: 3

Sue owns Trans-Pacific Design in Kamuela, located on the big Island of Hawaii, and executes residential and commercial design.  Growing up in Wisconsin, Sue took the opportunity to move to Hawaii after college, and has lived there ever since.  Sue is a past president of ASID, and continues to be an active part of ASID and looks to her contacts and resources from the organization to build her design business.

Working in Hawaii has a lot of challenges due to the fact that they are very remote, and have limited access to resources and vendors.  Thinking long term, and ordering samples early is required.  Sue works with a lot of resort clients as well as second home clients, ranging from new construction to remodel and everything in between.

Sue shared with me how she got into the industry by working for a few different design firms, and encourages emerging designers to do the same. Explaining that it is good to get a broad understanding of design prior to going off to start an independent business.  Sue explained that keeping an eye on cash flow and work-load is her biggest challenge.

ss independance

Early in her career, Sue had the opportunity to work on a large crew ship, the S.S. Independence that had several challenges.

To get in touch with Sue, contact her through her website at Trans-Pacific Design.

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  1. Susan J Moss says:

    Hi Nick, Thanks for the awesome interview! It was fun getting to know you….Aloha, Sue

  2. J Hunter says:

    I loved it, you’re really a natural. I hope all is well there on the island. Happy New Year!

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