YOUR Most Popular Picks from Spring HPMKT Insta Takeover

YOUR Most Popular Picks from Spring HPMKT Insta Takeover

By Grant Stringer | April 27, 2018

Last week we rounded up our top five favorite posts from the incredible #tclpstylespot at High Point Spring Market 2018, when twelve designers highlighted their favorite styles and products to be featured in our Instagram Takeover. But what about your favorite posts from the Instagram Takeover? This week, we’ve gathered the posts that garnered the most likes on Instagram — and there’s a surprising variety in these featured products, styles, and designers. This is a great opportunity to see which designers caused the biggest stir at High Point. Let’s dive in!

6. Aidan Gray Home light fixture, spotted by Sandra Funk of House of Funk, with 66 likes.

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Wow. You all adored the gold leaves of this light fixture, which will envelop you in the cozy ambiance we all crave, no matter the climate. Like a flower, this light fixture protects an open bulb, wedding simple and ornate qualities.

5. Arteriors Newport Three Tier Chandelier, by Angela Harris of Trio Environments, 69 likes.

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We’re forced to use a product photo from Arteriors here, but the fact that we’re even doing so should only prove how popular this chandelier was on our Instagram takeover. Made from coconut husks, this style adds nothing less than vibrancy and vivacity to an eclectic space. Creativity that hits the mark should be rewarded, and so it was!

4. Suzanne Kasler Paris apartment, spotted by Carolyn Rebuffel of Workroom C, 69 likes.

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Tied with the Arteriors chandelier at 69 likes, Suzanne Kasler’s apartment is decadent yet reserved and refined. Plus, we absolutely love the pink — and so did y’all!

3. Julian Chichester upholstery, spotted by Dan Rak of Dan Rak Design, 87 likes.

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This post was featured in the roundup of our favorite styles from the Insta takeover, and we’re happy to see that you all agreed with us. Julian Chichester’s upholstered chairs are unabashedly fun and frivolous, and they’ve got us excited for the warm weather ahead!

2. Christopher Guy Maelstrom Chandelier, by Kelly Dunn of Kelly Dunn Home, 133 likes.

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Another necessary re-post makes us only happier that you’ve agreed with us. Good designers know good style when they see it, and we’re all collectively gushing over the sleek spindles and mysteries elements of this Christopher Guy chandelier.

1. Leather lounge chairs by Michael Wolk Design — found by Mr. Wolk himself! 161 likes.

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Wolk gave himself a shameless shout-out at High Point, but we’re not judging — and neither were you. With 161 likes, these ochre lounge chairs scream sophistication, luxury and good taste. We don’t know about you, but we’d absolutely love to have a set in our offices. Congratulations, Mr. Wolk!

That brings our list to a close, and we hope you’ve enjoyed the incredible variety of these styles and products as much as we did! Thanks again to all of the designers who participated — stay tuned for more conversations and blogs on The Chaise Lounge Podcast!

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