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S22 E11 – Thoughtful Hospitality with Lisa Haude

Today, Nick is Lounging with hospitality designer Lisa Haude of Paradigm Design Group. Haude grew up drawing floor plans using any and all resources at hand, her trajectory from design child to successful business owner was a straight line, but she tells Nick all about her ups and downs on that path and how she sees her own business.

S21 E20 – Generational Design with Kate O’Hara

Welcome back from the wild world of High Point Market to the season finale of the Chaise Lounge. Today’s guest is a successful designer who didn’t start her company but built on it instead, Kate O’Hara of Martha O’Hara Interiors. O’Hara originally joined her mother Martha to fill in while an employee was taking time off for surgery. By the time she decided she wanted to make design her full-time career, she had been there doing a little bit of everything for months and months. Earlier this year, O’Hara took over as CEO and creative director. Nick asks her about how she came into the family business, all the marketing tricks she brings to the table and how their business relationship affects their personal relationship.

264 – Kristi Hopper: Business Guru

Today in The Lounge, Nick talks to Kristi Hopper, a Dallas-based designer with a sharp sense for the business side of things on top of her interior design acumen. 

28 – Komal Sheth: Austin based interior design

Spaces Designed


Today in The Lounge, I have Austin based designer Komal Sheth.  She is originally from India, but now has a thriving design firm in Austin, Texas.  Spaces Designed is a multifaceted interior design, architecture, remodeling and interior design firm that was created with one goal in mind, “the home should be a reflection of the Client’s vision and taste with the Interior Designer’s touch to exceed expectations”.

Komal shared how she came to The States, and how she has been so successful.  One of the things we talked about was marketing.  She gave us a fewsteiner Ranch key ingredients for her marketing:

  • Invest in good photography
  • Invest in a good web design
  • Invest in good SEO for your website
  • Sprinkle project pictures into social media.

All of these items don’t produce work overnight, but if done consistently, will return volumes back to you…that is if you treat your customers well, and give great customer service like Komal and her team.

So thankful to have the opportunity to have Komal share her story.  To learn more about her, go to her website at spacesdesigned.com.

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