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S23 E14 – Highpoint Warmup with Andrea Schumacher

Today on the Chaise Lounge, Nick is joined, for the first time, in the studio by Denver designer Andrea Schumacher, the principal of Andrea Schumacher Interiors. 

Schumacher talks about her transition from fashion to interiors, expanding out to Santa Barbara and her plans

S23 E11 – Instagram-First Marketing with Karen B. Wolf

Today on the Chaise Lounge, Nick welcomes Karen B. Wolf, principal of Karen B. Wolf Interiors to the show. Wolf fell in love with art as a child but only found it as a career after years in marketing. Now she combines both skill sets in her business.  

Wolf started her career double majoring in marketing and fine arts. She remained interested in design but followed the marketing path beyond undergrad because there seemed like a greater and more stable demand for marketing. She worked in marketing for years, even managing a company’s QVC-handling arm. But eventually she went to Parsons School of Design at night to get certified in interior design so she could get back into more tactile arts. 

 She learned everything she needed and got started, founding Karen B. Wolf Interiors in 2009. Since then, Karen B. Wolf Interiors has become a small but thriving company with an eye on changing trends. 

Wolf believes that interior designers need to market their businesses by leading their marketing with a strong visual element. She says Instagram is more important for hooking clients than the website is because potential clients will filter through the Instagram to the website.

To see what that looks like, you can find Karen B. Wolf Interiors @KarenBWolfInteriors and then visit the website

They go to Instagram first. And then they go to your website.

Karen B. Wolf

Chaise Lounge Updates

We’ll be covering Fall High Point Market 2019! Stay in the loop on our Instagram and Facebook pages and keep an eye our for our upcoming market events!

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Upcoming Markets

High Point Market – Oct. 19-23 2019

BDNY – Nov. 10-11, 2019

Wrap Up

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S23 E9 – Be Blunt and Get It Done with Victoria Sanchez

Today on the Chaise Lounge, Nick joins Victoria Sanchez in a conversation about knowing your worth, charging for services and how it gets easier with practice.

S22 E8 – Ty Burks, Interior Design with a Mix of Antiques and Customer Furniture

Today in The Lounge, Nick joins Dallas native Ty Burks of William-Christopher Design, he is one of the co-founders of the design firm, along with his partner Christopher Ridolf. Come listen in as Nick and Ty discuss how he started his career from working in financial corporations in Boston to an antique store on Charles Street to moving back to Dallas, Texas creating his design firm of William-Christopher Design.

S22 E3 – Nick in the Lounge Day 3 and Alan Galbraith from John Richard

Thank you for joining the Chaise Lounge on it’s spring High Point journey in 2019. Today is the last double episode of High Point coverage featuring the final Nick in the Lounge where Nick was joined by Jaye Mize of Fashion Snoops, Laura Umansky a.k.a. Laura U and Nina Magon who was the Universal Designer Lounge with her brand new line of Universal pieces.

Part two of this episode is a more classic Chaise Lounge episode where Nick chats with President and CEO of John Richard Alan Galbraith about his company’s experience and market and what John Richard got out of it and what it will be doing in the future.

S22 E1 – Nick In The Lounge Day 1 and Passion Sucks

Welcome back to The Chaise Lounge with seaopn 22. This is the first of three episodes to be released this week all about High Point Market. Today, Nick hosts the first ever Nick in the Lounge with Catherine Heracher, Garrison Hullinger, Phyllis Harbinger and Jarret Yoshida. Then, this double length episode continues with Nick’s Passion Sucks panel with Stacy Garcia, Sarah Willett, Lauren Clement, Libby Langdon and Theresa Dorlini. As always, these successful women talk about how they keep their heads in the business of running their business.