225 – Eric Mauskopf: World Class Framing

Today in The Lounge, Nick chats with Eric Mauskopf of J Pocker Custom Frames. Learn about the history and legacy of the Pocker Brand, where the store is today...

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226 – Christine Phillips: Publicist Extraordinaire

Christine Phillips: Publicist Extraordinaire Today in the Lounge Nick chats with Christine Phillips of Viola! Public Relations and Design. Christine is a publicist and occasional designer based out...

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224 – Kathy Anderson

Today in The Lounge we’re joined by Kathy Anderson of Anderson Design Studio in Nashville, Tennessee! Kathy is in the middle of the entertainment design industry and works with...

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223 – Alberthe Buabeng and Ariel Johnson

Today in The Lounge we have two incredible designers, Ariel Johnson of Ariel Fox Design and Alberthe Buabeng of Albie Knows. Respectively, these designers offer invaluable advice about finding passion...

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222 – Kim Hoegger: East Texas Girl

Today in the Lounge, Nick sits down with designer Kim Hoegger of Kim Hoegger Home. The two chat about how Kim got into the business, her retail/restaurant adventure,...

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Genius Exchange Sweepstakes!

Has your growing interior design business hit a ceiling? Are you looking for new knowledge and strategies to jump-start your business into a new phase of success?...

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