Ode to People, Ode to Things, with Interior Designer Nike Onile | S29E5

Welcome! In this week’s Chaise Lounge, Nick May sits down with Nike Onile, creator of Of Things Ode in Toronto, Ontario. Nike, like many guests we’ve featured...

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Award-Winning British Interior Design Legend Fiona-Barratt Campbell | S29E4

We hope you’re prepared, because this week on The Chaise Lounge we had the honor to interview Fiona Barratt-Campbell, one of Britain’s most prolific figures in the...

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Interior Designer Jill Howard and Her Journey to Open Her Own Studio | S29E3

Hi there! We hope you are prepared because this week in the Chaise Lounge, we are joined by Jill Howard, founder of Jill Howard Design Studio. Growing...

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Interior Designer, Podcaster, Actress, and International English Professor Rebecca Hay | S29E2

Hello! Glad to see you around. This week in The Chaise Lounge, Nick chats with Rebecca Hay, owner of Rebecca Hay Designs in Toronto, Canada. Though interested...

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Interior Design Superstar Corey Damen Jenkins and His Prolific Projects | S29E1

Welcome back! We are happy to have you here for the Season 29 premiere of The Chaise Lounge. And what better way to kick things off than...

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Architect & Interior Designer Mark Lavender + Creative Genius Gail Doby | S28E12

Welcome back to The Chaise Lounge! On our season finale, Nick sits down with two guests! First he interviews Mark Lavender from M. Lavender Interiors in Chicago, an...

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