Boutique Interior Design with Heather & Matt French | S26E3

For many designers, including this week’s guests, having graduated from interior design school is not on the resume. Join Nick May in welcoming Heather and Matt French...

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Hospitality Gone Wild with Hospitality Designer Michael Suomi | S26E2

School projects come to fruition all the time, but not always to the full scale of our next guest. A home design that was done while in...

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Interior Designers Phyllis and Bill Taylor | S26E1

Husband and wife teams can combine their efforts for success in marriage as well as in the business world. In today’s episode of The Chaise Lounge, Nick...

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Resort Designer & Valentine Project Founder Joni Vanderslice | S25E26

Deciding what you want to do is hard enough. If you’re lucky, you figure it out at a young age. This week’s guest on The Chaise Lounge,...

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Interior Designer Anne Carminati with Guest Host Bruce Macdonald | S25E25

Mixing the old and the new inspires designers from all around the world. Today on The Chaise Lounge, guest host Bruce McDonald talks to Paris’ own Anne Carminati...

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Interior Designer &TOBE Design Group Founder Todd Ezrin | S25E24

A well-designed space should not merely satisfy a basic need, but should do so artfully and thoughtfully. This is one philosophy of Todd Ezrin, founder and principal...

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