A Conversation with Brand Advisor, Author and DIY PR Expert, Amy Flurry | S27E11

Our next guest advises us to consider how many projects are submitted to a magazine or other piece of publishing before submitting projects for press. On this...

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Flexible and Creative Design with Jackie Armour | S27E10

Going to school to further your education while raising your children is an admirable act. This week’s guest, Jackie Armour with JMA Interior Design, joins Nick May...

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Culture and Trends Affected by Covid with Jaye Mize | S27E9

Covid has affected all aspects of how we live our lives from how we live and work to the activities and hobbies we fill our free time...

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Coast to Coast Design Co-Host Lisa Davenport | S27E8

Many memories are made with our grandparents that we carry into adulthood. They teach us important lessons and make us laugh. Joining Nick May on The Chaise...

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Designers with an Emphasis on Lifestyle: George Yabu & Glenn Pushelberg | S27E7

Our next guests have the entrepreneurial spirit – they are unhirable and will figure things out on their own. Joining Nick May today on The Chaise Lounge...

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The Chaise Lounge Remembers: A Selection of Clips | S27E6

Today on The Chaise Lounge, we bring you another clip show! We wil be doing these once per season so stay tuned for more flashbacks in future seasons....

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