Chicago Interior Designer Donna Mondi | S26E11

Many times, success has a rough beginning. Our next guest started her business the week of 9/11. Joining Nick May today on The Chaise Lounge is Donna...

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Luxury Interior Designer Gavin Brodin | S26E10

Luxury: a state of great comfort and extravagant living. For those who live lives of luxury, there is luxury interior design. Joining Nick May on The Chaise...

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Entertainment to Interior Design with Sara Barney | S26E9

Seeing a celebrity in public would render most people starstruck. Our next guest is immune as she worked in entertainment before her transition into interior design. Sara...

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The Chaise Lounge Remembers: Throwbacks and Highlights | S26E8

Today on The Chaise Lounge, we bring you something completely different – clips from some of Nick May‘s and our team’s favorite episodes and clips! We even...

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Marketing Genius and Home Stager Karen Post | S26E7

There are lots of ways our guests have entered interior design – some have stumbled into the industry, some have gone through an educational program. Karen Post...

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Facing COVID Reality with Garrison Hullinger | S26E6

Although many people have had a relatively positive experience through covid, our next guest was hit with a little more reality. A good friend of Nick May’s,...

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