244 – Parker-Torres Design: A Dynamic Duo

Today in the Lounge, Nick sits down with the dynamic duo leading Parker-Torres Design, Barbara Parker and Miriam Torres. Barbara and Miriam are the very definitions of opposites attract as far as their design style and method. Taking advantage of their differences, the two build on each other’s strengths to create beautiful, functional, and dynamic designs. In today’s episode, we learn a little about the development of the firm, how the ladies collaborate on designs and came to be the successful team that they are.

243 – Alene Workman and Vicente Wolf: Ground Up Leaders

Today in The Lounge, Nick chats with Alene Workman, president of Alene Workman Interior Design and Vicente Wolf of Vicente Wolf Associates, ground up leading designers in the industry. Nick talks about the wonder of the Datacolor ColorReader with Vicente and the art of interior design with Alene.

229 – Angelo Adamo: Creating Memories In Design

Today in The Lounge, Nick is joined by Angelo Adamo, a former interior designer at Walter Robbs in North Carolina who is now running his own firm, Angelo Adamo Design. The two chat about the meaning behind designing interiors and Angelo’s fascinating design philosophy of creating memories that last.

227 – Chloe Brown: The Designer’s Art Connect

Welcome back! Today in The Lounge, Nick sits down with Chloe Brown of Fresh Paint Art Advisors! She’s an art consultant who has a tremendous amount of experience working with interior designers, and today she shares her wisdom on the niche role of art advisors in the residential, commercial, hospitality and healthcare design world.

226 – Christine Phillips: Publicist Extraordinaire

Today in the Lounge Nick chats with Christine Phillips of Viola! Public Relations and Design. Christine is a publicist and occasional designer based out of Wisconsin. During the chat we learn about Christine on a more personal level. She speaks about how she entered the business, found clients, how to know when you’re ready for a publicist, and maintaining professional relationships.

224 – Kathy Anderson

Today in The Lounge we’re joined by Kathy Anderson of Anderson Design Studio in Nashville, Tennessee! Kathy is in the middle of the entertainment design industry and works with big stars and brands down and around Nashville. Today, she chats with Nick about her journey through the design industry and offers wisdom on hiring, social media, and more!