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47- Patricia Davis Brown : A Digital Designer

PDB BackGround

Patricia Davis Brown is a Florida designer  that has been in design for 30 years now. She realized from a very young age that she was meant to be a designer before she even knew she could make a profession out of it. She started her own high end kitchen and bath in 1992. She was very successful though she closed her doors in 2010 to move her business to her home. She then decided to go digital with her design. Patricia wanted to share her ideas and designs with people all over the world so she started the below sites.

  • professionalkitchenandbath.com allows for consumers to send pictures of their space along with measurements. At that time Patricia and her team will discuss the goals of the space and continue through the preliminary design process. Once there is a firm footprint you allow for the lighting design and then comes the order. There are several packages which you can purchase to have Patricia digitally design your space. Most of this business is done via Skype
  • pdbhomestore.com is Patricia’s e-commerce site which provides products for home furnishings
  • digthisdesign.net is Patricia’s blog where she receives sponsored posts and discusses all things design from how to wear a swimsuit for you to do it yourselves. She has received tremendous support for this site and this has allowed her to grow her business substantially.

Patricia believes being digital is very important to grow your business.