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Responsive Websites for Interior Designers

As of this week, if you do not have a mobile-optimized website, you will be penalized. Google’s new algorithm takes this into account when searching on a device. Google wants to give its users the best experience possible, so being pointed to a website that is not user-friendly isn’t ideal. Here is what the difference looks like on a cell phone for a mobile responsive website vs. a non-responsive device.

Responsive vs. non-responsive

Searching “interior design Kansas City” on my desktop computer, this site came up in the paid search:

nonresponsive web

Doing the same search on my phone, the company was nowhere to be found. I then directly pulled up their web address on my phone and got this:

website non responsive

Google will punish you because sites that are not optimized for mobile are difficult to view on phones. Over 60% of all searches in 2015 are through a mobile device. You won’t be dropped entirely, but you will not be found as easily or be at the top of a keyword search if on a mobile device – which includes tablets.

For help creating a website, I highly recommend contacting my friends at VA Staffer. Jay and his excellent team will walk you through various options and get you up-and-running quickly. Just take a look at the new site he built for me for under $1000:  wallsbydesign.com.

I hope this helps!


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