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18 – Hand crafted, Custom Rugs

Organic looms

Stephanie Bryant with Organic Looms

Today we are with Slew at Studio D (Decorative Materials) in the Denver Design Center talking to Stephanie Bryan.

From India and Nepal, Organic Looms makes hand crafted rugs with natural products.  We dive into what it is like to order custom rugs, how they are manufactured, what a strike-off is, and overall, how to make sure you get what you are expecting.  Organic Looms is based in Chicago, but is in the process of opening a location in the Denver Design Center…right down the hall from Studio D. SONY DSC

When most people think of hand tied rugs, they think of orientals, and very traditional rugs.  But today’s trends have required manufactures to create the same quality hand-made rugs with modern designs and colors.

A little bit of rug education, we talk about:

  • Vintage rugs – taking old rugs, striping it, and re-dying it
  • What is sustainable
  • Natural materials
  • How to make
  • The dying process – why is this hard to make natural
  • How to know a fraud

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