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Field Testing the Datacolor ColorReaderPRO

Field Testing the Datacolor ColorReaderPro

By Taylor Coleman | July 9, 2018

Whether you’re an interior designer, manufacturer, or contractor, finding exact color is extremely important. Our friends at Datacolor are the masters of making tools for objective, cost-effective and smart color decisions on the go, and with the ColorReader, they’ve done just that. Gone are the days of comparing a color deck with a highly textured wall or piece of furniture, losing time and money in the process.

Let’s say you’re walking down the street in a residential neighborhood and find yourself dazzled with a verdant front yard garden. With the ColorReader, you — the artist– are empowered to capture the exact color of a purple orchid or white lily. Last week, the fabulous interns of The Chaise Lounge took the ColorReaderPRO for a field test at the Denver Design District to see how exactly the tool works and find their inspirations.

How It Works

The ColorReaderPRO itself fits neatly in the palm of your hand and uses an accompanying app to find color matches in any setting. Place the device on a surface, click the top of the ColorReaderPRO and the device will match the color with over a dozen paint brands, including Behr, Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams. If a user wants to see colors from a specific brand, they simply select the brand in the app and all options will be from that company.

Field Test: The Denver Design Center

At the Denver Design Center, our interns visited several different retailers and tested out the tool on a variety of surfaces including, carpet, couches and even leaves. The results were awesome. Rather than giving you a single option for every read, the tool gives you the top three closest matches, including the color name, number, and brand, so that you can choose the best translation/match of the color to fit.

Artistic Freedom

The ColorReader not only makes color selection efficient, it also makes it enjoyable. The freedom of being able to find colors anywhere makes the process less strict and even somewhat whimsical. Plus, you’ll save time and money usually spent on attempting to match colors and even fixing botched color comparisons to fit your client’s needs. Who knows where you’ll find inspiration next. 

Make sure you capture it wherever you go with the ColorReader.

Head overto www.datacolor.com/may and use discount code may for twenty percent off!