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40 – Shannon Scott : Designing Wine Country

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Happy 2016! We are happy to kick off the new year with our new weekly format and new sponsor. Benjamin Moore just joined us as a sponsor for the show, which is enabling us to produce a weekly format.  We couldn’t be more excited!

Today in The Chaise Lounge we have Shannon Scott of Shannon Scott Design, an all-female studio based out of Los Olivos, California. Living in the middle of wine country has shaped the way and the style in which she designs. She has worked with several wineries, hotels and even designed a castle in Newfoundland. Before all that though, Shannon graduated from UCSB and worked at SFA practicing large-scale hospitality design where she quickly gained recognition for her skillset in the design-build process as well as collaborating with local artisans, which laid the foundation for her comprehensive knowledge of custom design. Shannon touches on decorating verses designing and hospitality design verses commercial design. She has designed some beautiful spaces in the hospitality sphere. Though she does feel it’s important to treat all design projects in the same format. Systems, communication and attention to detail are what run her business as solid as it is. Though Shannon has had her fair shares of ups and downs since she started her business in 1999. She explains the adversity that she has overcome and manifesting the career that she desires.

Shannon can be reached on Facebook and Linked In as well as her beautiful website.

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