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michael del piero

32 – Michael Del Piero: Worldly traveler turned Interior Designer

Good Design: Michael del Piero


Great show today.  Designer Michael Del Piero for Chicago talks about her switch from going to school to be a nurse, to being an executive coach, to interior design.  I love how each person I interview has a unique and different path into design.

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Michael, like many of my guests, had a different path into design.  Buying items from around the world, she started selling hand-made products she would find.  A customer asked her to help place the items in her home, but quickly realize that she needed more help than just accessorizing.  This was Michael’s first interior design project.  She picked paint, flooring, and furniture along with her accessories.  Michael was one of the earliest vendors on 1st Dibs, is known for her accomplished eye and uncommon knack for a serene and simple mix that bridges generations of style. Michael has a distinct aesthetic fusing rough with luxurious and ancient with modern.

Interior design Chicago: Michael del Piero


Good Design has grown to have a staff of six, helping Michael with everything from purchasing, sketching, and designing beautiful spaces.  Michael’s work has appeared in over 350 interior design blogs as well as national and regional publications such as Traditional Home, House Beautiful, The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune, and 1st Dibs Introspective who declared her work as “truly, one of a kind”. Her projects are also featured in popular interior design books including House Beautiful’s Kitchens, Chicago Spaces and the international publication, Visions of Design.

Amazingly enough, Michael has no formal interior design training, but seems to have the “it” factor.  She admits in our chat that she is not a great manager, but clearly has a knack for finding talented people to compliment her to grow the business.  I know you are going to love this interview just as much as I did.  To learn more about Michael, go to her website at Michael Del Piero Good Design.

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