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36 – Barrie Livingstone: Designer, Realtor… Networker

Barrie Livingstone

Big week with some big announcements for the show.  Joining us this week is my good buddy Barrie from Malibu, CA.   Barrie is a successful designer and Realtor.  Today we talk about how that has worked to his benefit, how any designer can build their business through networking, and has new book Interior Design Tips Every Realtor Should Know, but Doesn’t.  With over 28 years of experience in the Residential and Hospitality Design Industries, Barrie’s offices out of Malibu, CA, Miami, FL, and LA, CA.

Please connect with Barrie through Facebook or on his website at BarrieLivingstone.com

e-mythLots of business learning in today’s interview with Robin.  Robin talked about the importance of systems.  He learned about this early on in her interior design business journey when a friend recommended that he read Michael Gerber’s book called E-Myth.  If you are new into your interior design business, I highly recommend you pick up a copy.  It will be the best investment of time you can make.  BUT, if you want a free copy, all you need to do is give me a review on iTunes!  That’s right, I believe so strongly that this book will help you, that I am giving away 20 copies of The E-Myth to the next 20 people who write me a review in iTunes.  Just take a screen shot of your review, and email it to me at me@nickmay.co with your mailing address.  I will send you one book with free shipping.

Our sponsor Design Manager is your best answer for all your back-office needs.  It will help you with your accounting, paperwork, and logistics.  There are a lot of things to track in your business, don’t leave it up to Word docs and spreadsheets.   If you give DM a try, please let them know you heard about them in The Lounge.

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01 – Barrie Livingstone: Malibu Designer

Barrie Livingstone: Malibu, CA interior designer

Barrie Livingstone

  • Lives: Malibu, CA
  • Working on projects in: Miami Beach, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Lake Tahoe
  • Drink of choice: Vodka with squeeze of lime
  • Pet Peeve:  wrong size
  • Favorite design element: Fabric
  • Focus: Nature
  • If you were not doing interior design, what would you be doing:  On television

Barrie Livingston living roomMy first interview for my new podcast.  We will be talking the business of interior design.  One thing I have learned from working with lots of interior designers over the last 15 years, is that many of you struggle with the business aspect of running a design firm.  Most are fantastic with picking fabrics, accessories, furniture, and layouts, but when it comes to finding new clients, managing vendors, but when it comes to all the back-end items of running their business…there is a breakdown.  I want to help, and that is why I have started The Chaise Lounge Podcast!  For YOU to grow your interior design business.  So each week, I will be talking to designers, like Barrie, from around the world, that are running fantastic interior design businesses.

Today’s Show

Originally from Manchester, England, Barrie moved to the United States with his parents as a teenager.  He had an interest in interior design from an early age, rearranging his mums furniture, and being fascinated with buildings and architecture.  Barrie has a great ability to network, to meet the right people, and connect.  Barrie has met some of his clients sitting on an airplane with his dog Rio and a cocktail.

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 Show Notes

Welcome this is podcast number one.  Thanks for joining me on the Chaise Lounge, my name is Nick May and today we’re going to be talking about growing your interior design business whether you are here in New York City to Kansas or Sydney, Australia.  I know you want to do one thing you want to grow your interior design business and we are going to find out just how successful designers do that from around the world and since this is our very first podcast I want to take a little bit of time to tell you about what we talked about in the Chaise Lounge, Chaise Lounge has been in the works for a little while now and I am a paint contractor I know crazy a paint contractor in Denver, Colorado, and the interesting thing is I work with designers all the time we work with designers here in Colorado.  Some folks from outer state and one thing I realized is that most of you guys are fantastic designers I talk to designers all the time they just love design that’s all they eat,  drink.  They sleep design and that’s all they want to do.  But the problem is and this is truly where I feel that separates the good from the bad, and that’s the ones that are really understanding how to run the business of interior design and so that’s what we are going to talk about here in the Chaise Lounge, we are going to talk about the business of interior design talk.  So we are going to talk to designers from around the world.  How have they grown a successful design business.  They may have a staff they may work all over the globe.  But no matter how you look at their business.  You go you know what that person is killing it and I want to know what they’re doing is made them so successful. more>>>