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Libby Langdon

58 – High Point Market: Day 1


High Point Market Spring 2016

Tune in now to hear the first installment from the Chaise Lounge live from the 2016 High Point Market. Your host Nick May sits down with multiple designers in today’s show to talk about their backgrounds, their endeavor’s and their take on this year’s Market.


Cozy Stylish Chic with Jeanne Chung

Jeanna Chung Background

Nick joins fashion designer turned blogger turned interior designer Jeanne Chung based out of Pasadena, California first up in the podcast. After a very successful 20 years in the fashion industry, Jeanne talks about her start in the Interior Design world. After attending the New York School of Interior Design, Jeanne made her way back to the west coast where she started her Interior Design career, using the very effective tool of blogging. In her blog, Jeanne writes about emerging trends and her design style. After just one year in the blog world, Jeanne was asked to be a style spotter at the 2014 High Point Market. Jeanne and Nick talk about her successful development of an e-commerce site for interior furnishings and how that’s now turned into a 1,400 square foot retail space and her goals to expand that significantly over the next several years.

With just one staff member, Jeanne discussed with Nick the importance of multi-tasking and wearing multiple hats, she states, “I needed to know how to do every part of the job before I could tell someone else how to do their job.” When asked how to start a successful blog, Jeanne says “it’s important to tell the ‘why’” behind what you post”. Tune in to learn more about Jeanne’s upcoming retail store opening and how she continues to convey her message through blogging and networking.


David Ecton and Lance Jackson of Parker Kennedy Living

Pakrer Kennedy Logo

parker Kennedy

Next up, Nick interviews the team behind the Parker Kennedy Living design group and brand, David and Lance. Lance speaks about his background in design generally, starting as an architecture student at SCAD in Atlanta before switching over to Interior Design, and David talks about his first career in IT. Once the two met, David learned more about the Interior Design world through Lance and a partnership was born. Parker Kennedy Living talks with Nick about their first foray at the High Point Market and the building of their vintage furniture restoration business and how travelling the world together as a couple has shaped their business and inspired their designs.


Renowned Designer and TV Personality: Libby Langdon

To cap off this episode and the first day at the 2016 High Point Market, Nick has the honor of interviewing Libby Langdon. You may know Libby from several TV appearances on shows like the Today Show, The Rachel Ray Show and a long-running stint as the host and designer for HGTV’s Design Invasion.LIBBY LANGDON HEADSHOT Spring 2016 photo credit Noel Sutherland

Libby believes, “Everything we do over the course of our lives; brings us to where we need to be today.” That said, with Libby’s background of her parent’s roles in the interior design world, an early career as a model in NYC, time spent in Fashion School and on top of all that experience with acting and hosting, there is little that Libby  Langdon doesn’t do! Libby describes her business as tri-fold: first the residential and commercial interior design component, second, her media presence on TV, magazines, etc, and lastly her wide range of product designs ranging from rugs to chandeliers to outdoor furniture.

Libby and Nick talk about her experience seeing how real people in America live and how she has translated that into her interior design and as well through her product development.

Last but certainly not least, Libby and Nick talk about the success of Libby’s book entitled Libby Langdon’s: Small Space Solutions. Listen in to hear how Libby got her book off the ground and how she keeps her voice present in all the aspects of her extremely successful business and brand. Hop onto website for all things Libby Langdon!

Stay tuned, we have more interviews coming to you tomorrow from High Point Market!

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