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52 – Industry Partners with Alycia Wicker and Phyllis Harbinger

Phyllis Harbinger hits hard with the number one topic of leadership. Phyllis believes the leading and allowing other to shine in the process shows true leadership. Leading isn’t just limited to your team or staff. You must lead your subs, vendors, traders, etc as well. In this process, you are empowering others to lead and you are showing them to lead.

Mindset is a aspect of leadership. You must look at things from abundance. Thinking positive and staying positive with create positivity.  Connecting with your team will also help to create a positive working situation. Enjoy time with you team outside of the work environment and build relationships that you and your team can grow with. Think about this and tell us your feedback.

What is the most important aspect on your leadership style? What did you respect most about you favorite boss/leader? 


Alycia Wicker is a former interior designer turned kickass online marketer for interior design. She believes strongly in your online presences is a way to invite people into your world. It’s a tour of your virtual pad. Make your website clear with your intention and where you are taking people. Your website should be appealing but should focus on what is it in for the client and what they will get. Your personality should shine through but also be constant. You don’t want to be one person online and another in person. Her website shows designers through coaching how to start/improve your online activity and presence for the ever changing online world.