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kim scodro

21- Kim Scodro: Chicago Interior Designer

kim scodro interiors

Kim Scodro: Chicago Interior Designer

Kim Scodro is an award-winning, Chicago and Arizona-based interior designer who brings to her work a refined sense of style and appreciation for the fun and unexpected.  As a wife and mother of two, Kim has experience in creating environments that are warm and relaxed while also exciting and unique.  living roomHer signature interiors are timeless yet current, mixing a classic aesthetic with modern and whimsical accents. Kim received her B.A. from Loyola University and is an ASID Allied Member in Illinois and Arizona.

I enjoyed my conversation with Kim, as it was nice to talk to a designer from my Chicago, where I grew up.  Kim shared how she hires designers and staff, how she keeps two offices, one in Chicago, and one in Arizona, and why it is important to say no to clients.

To get in touch with Michael , contact him through his website at Kim Scodro Interiors.

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