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jo rabaut

44 – Jo Rabaut: Building a Working Team

Jo Background

The most common questions we get asked here at The Chaise Lounge are when is it right to start my own business, what do I need to do first, who do I hire first, etc. On today’s show, Jo Rabaut address those questions. After graduating from college in Michigan, Jo worked for other firms for 12 years before opening the doors of Rabaut Designs in 1989 in Atlanta, GA. Rebaut design does a full spectrum of design, everything for a frat house to store front to commercial rebuilds to brand new lofts.

She has learned a lot in the 25 years that Rabaut Designs has been open. She prefers her firm small so it’s a more intimate environment with her team. Currently she has 4 designers on staff. She focusing on fulfilling her staffs wants so they are able to grow and become better designers. She understands that people need to be free to create but also to have a life outside of work. Jo feels that when you “hit the design wall” you need to recharge and find a new event to attend to remind yourself why do design. She understands  the art of interior design in a bit of a juggling act so she enjoys educating and leading her team.

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