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Grania Murray

25 – Grania Murray: From Software to Interior Designer

Today in The Lounge, Nick chats with Grania Murray, an interior designer of 20 years from Dublin, Ireland. Despite her unconventional entrance into the interior design profession, her successes are manifested in the great satisfaction of her clients around the world.

A Big Career Change

Upon graduating, Grania Murray left college with an advanced computer programming degree. Murray, who did some modeling on the side, one day had a photographer come to her home fora shoot, who then asked to snap some images of the home itself. She then received an offer from a publisher of a design magazine to print the photos with Murray’s credit. Despite having a degree in advanced computer programming, her natural niche for design enabled her to begin a career in interior design.

The Learning Curve

Murray’s “backdoor” entrance into interior design presented several challenges—though none of which proved too daunting for her. She later attended to interior design school in Ireland for a semester, but found that she already knew and practiced what was being taught. With the advice of her professors, she jumped straight into the industry. Murray further explains that gaining experience in practice taught her various qualities that embody a successful interior designer such as charging correct amounts and conveying designs to clients.

Above all, she discovered that the key to attracting clients is forming relationships based on trust and authenticity. She states that accurately demonstrating her visions to clients is the crucial step that bridges this trust between her and her clients; she credits advancements in technology for enabling her to digitally show her clients exactly what she envisions for various interiors. Murray also discusses the importance of interior designers to consider the client budget, timeline, and additional plans for the future. Involving clients in the design process enhances personal relationships and makes the wholistic design experience more exciting and fun for both parties.

Going Global

Throughout her interior design career, Murray has designed spaces, both commercial and residential, all around the world. She also conducts speeches, and has been featured on several radio and television shows. Murray even hosted her own television show called “House at Home” in Ireland, which provided advice on various interior design products by way of interviews with suppliers and manufacturers. Murray explains that her recording work has drawn a large clientele for her interior design business, as the shows can be broadcasted repeatedly. As an experienced designer, Murray advises young interior designers to gain experience in commercial and residential projects while working under a practiced designer and to pursue personal relationships with clients.

Current Pursuits

Living in Los Angeles since 2013, Murray’s latest project is an interior design website, AWellConsidered.Life, which serves as a resource for useful and inspiring suggestions from professionals to “enhance one’s life.” This includes interiors, events, travel, fashion, and food. Her goal is to provide a single page where people can get advice and suggestions for their everyday life endeavors. On the side, Murray works with clients online, who send in images of the space in consideration and she compiles a list of suggestions for the redesign.

Learn more about Grania Murray at: GraniaMurray.com and AWellConsidered.Life

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