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How DO I do Facebook Live…for an Interior Design Business?

How DO I do Facebook Live…for an Interior Design Business? 

So, as you know, I have been hot to trot on Facebook Live lately.  But, it surprises me to find some interior designers are still not active with social media.  You can hardly go to a conference or seminar without having a few sessions covering it.  Just a few weeks ago, I was asked to be on a panel to address ASID and NKBA members on how I use social media for both my painting business, Walls by Design, and my podcast, The Chaise Lounge.  So I know there is a huge interest in using it effectively, but there is also a general fear about how to start.  Often, I run into people that just need to start out with the basics, so I thought I would address some of these questions.

Now I am no social media expert, but I have been using several platforms for several years, and Facebook is one of my sweet spots.  I use Facebook heavily in the marketing of my painting business.  Due to the rise in popularity of video marketing, and all the new video social media platforms (Snapchat beingfacebook-live-rachel-moriarty the largest and most popular), Facebook launched Facebook Live.  Facebook Live is now connected to all Facebook accounts.

What is Facebook Live?

Facebook Live is a way for you to give a live video feed to the people that follow you, and it is super easy to do.  While you are taking a video of yourself, people that click on the feed, can message you, and those messages stay under the video (with time stamps) and will appear (in real time) as people watch your video later…because after you finish the video, Facebook Live streams are saved as a post.  Super fun! The video can be as short or as long as you like.  I recommend you mix it up, but I also encourage you to make sure what you put on your Facebook Live streams is good content.  Just like in any social media post that you are using to market your interior design business, create good, helpful, and useful content, and you will bring people back time and time again.

I have to give my friend Rachel Moriarty (of Rachel Moriarty Interiors) props for really doing a great job with Facebook Live!  She did a 30-day challenge and posted once a day for 30 days, and was able to land 4 projects from her efforts. This is a screen shot of one of her recent live streams.

How do I do this?

A designer asked me this question yesterday, which prompted me to do this post.  I will not embarrass her, but as soon as I gave her this screen shot, she was very thankful and got it.  AND I can totally relate!  I remember back in April, when my friend Jennifer Wagner Schmidt of JWS Interiors, and Box of Chic had to show me how to do Instagram.  I was interviewing her for the podcast in Dallas, and we held an impromptu tutorial session for Nick.  She was great, and as soon as she showed me the basics, I got it, and you haven’t been able to stop me since (Find me at @thechaiselounge on Instagram).

So let’s get started: First, you have to open your Facebook page.  Then you will see this little icon (circled here in red).


If you do not see this screen, you may see this.  Then, you want to click the “Publish” icon.


It will take you to this screen. And then you want to click this icon.


Where you will need to select “Live Video”.

After you push this, you will be taken to a screen where you can enter some text to describe your session.


I always think of this as a headline.  You need a GREAT headline to pique people’s curiosity.  If you know anything about good copy in a story (think like an old school newspaper), the headline’s one goal is to get you to read the first sentence of the story.  In Facebook Live, the headline needs to be good enough to get people to click on it and hear the first 5 seconds. So, the first FIVE seconds are critical.  You have to grab their attention.  I struggle with this too.  We hem and haw, and say stupid things, but you have to grab them! “Today I am going to tell you how to make a MILLION dollars!”  Then explain.

So once you come up with a GREAT headline, you can tag people.  Do you want to get the attention of someone in particular?  Do you plan on promoting someone else?  Or do you have a hashtag to use?  You can put these things at the end of your copy.  But, I suggest not using more than three (combined).

TIP:  You can always add more in a comment below the video when it is live.

When you hit the “Go Live” button, it will count you down with 3 seconds.  Really nice if you are using a tripod or a selfie-stick.

Time to GO LIVE!

Now that you are live, what are you going to say?  I would suggest that you plan this out a bit.  I keep a running pad of paper for ideas on my desk.  When I finish one, I usually have an idea where I want to go next, so I make a note.  Especially right now while I am doing the #IDFBLIVE Facebook Live Challenge that I started with my friend LuAnn Nigara over at A Well Designed Business podcast. More on that later.

What do I say on Facebook Live?

I would suggest that you keep it to one of three things:

  1. Tell people about you. What is your story?  Who are you?  Why do you love design? Don’t try to sell here and say “you should use me because…”  Just tell them a short story.  People love stories, they are more engaging.
  2. Give them a tip. People want to know about interior design.  Unlike lots of other businesses and industries, lots of people want to know how to do the things you do.  Just give them one little nugget at a time.  But don’t let it get too technical.
  3. What is coming up? Are you heading to a fun new project or an event?  Maybe you are heading to High Point Market?  Talk about it.  Are you going to an ASID awards banquet?

Tips for Creating Shareable Content

Here is your bonus for today.  I almost wanted to create another blog on this, and maybe I will later, but here are a few tips on how to create shareable content on Facebook Live:

  • Keep it fun.
  • Keep it brief.
  • Tell a story.
  • Teach ONE thing…not 5!
  • Leave them wanting more.

I will come back to this at a later date and expand on this.  I have some great examples.

Facebook Live 30-day Challenge.

Because of the success of one our friends, Rachel Moriarty (I interviewed her recently on our episode 87), AND a conversation that I had with fellow podcaster LuAnn Nigara, we are encouraging our listeners (LuAnn and me), to take the 30-day Challenge, and do a Facebook Live stream once a day for 30 days.  When you do, we ask you to use the hashtag #idFBlive.  It stands for Interior Design Facebook Live.  Please also tag @The Chaise Lounge so I can share it and follow you.  I just know that after doing it for 30 days, you will not only be hooked, but you will get some business out of it.  If you want to get some inspiration, do a search for #idfbLIVE in Facebook, and you will be able to see all the interior designers that have taken us up on this challenge.  No matter when you start…just start!

Now go, and start streaming on Facebook Live…and HAVE FUN!!


If you want to connect with Nick May and The Chaise Lounge, please do so on our website at TheChaiseLounge.com where we talk the business of interior design.