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eileen gould

23 – Eileen Gould: Hands on Designer and Contractor in Cali

eileen Gould

Today in The Lounge, I welcome Eileen from Eileen Gould Design and Construction in Malibu, CA.  Eileen has a breadth and depth to her that few designers have.  She is not only an accomplished designer, but she has her contractor’s license as well.  Learning a trade was mandatory to get your license in the state of California, and she is no stranger to a construction site.  Don’t let that pretty face fool you.  She knows her stuff.

Eileen shared plenty of great stuff with me in the interview, but one thing we talked about, and is so critical for designers trying to build their interior design firm is marketing.  Eileen recomends you do three things:

  1. Charity work.  Eileen volunteer on board, and committees, and gets involved.  This leads to lots of great relationships.
  2. Teach classes. Eileen teaches two different DIY classes: How to design a Kitchen, and How to design a Bathroom. She explained that yes, many people come to learn how to do it themselves, but she gains one or two new clients every time she has a class.
  3. Public Speaking.  Be known as an industry leader.  Share your wealth of knowledge and offer to talk.  Eileen has had lots of opportunities to get up in front of groups, get on television, and gain other media attention because of her willingness to talk.

Bio: Eileen Gould is the owner and founder of Lifestyles Interior Design and Construction, Inc. and Eileen Gould Design and Construction, Inc., and has been practicing both eye-on-design-coverCommercial and Residential Design for the past 30 years. She combines her creative talents with her knowledge of general contracting to reflect your personal style, your character, and way of living. Eileen’s ability to guide each and every client allows you to walk comfortably through the design process, satisfied and meeting your financial needs.

Eileen received her certification in Interior Design and then became one of the few women to obtain her General Contracting license in 2001.  She has been featured in Westlake Magazine, Ventura Star, Valley Connection, and Jane Applegate’s column in Los Angeles Magazine, in addition to an extensive write up in the Business Section of the Los Angeles Times. She sat on the Learning Tree University Design Board in 1985 and the ASID LA Executive Board in 2006. She has also appeared on Channel 7 Eyewitness Morning News.  She has worked with many celebrity clients. Eileen has won the National Association of Business Owners Award for Working Women’s Magazine 2000 and she has been named the “First Runner-up of the 2003 Designer Appreciation Award” awarded by the L.A. Mart and the L.A. Mart Furniture Association.  Eileen has twice appeared on HGTV “Designer’s Challenge” once winning the challenge of redesigning a Master Bathroom. She has also spoken at The Rotary, The New West Symphony and the AARP Convention in early 2000.

Eileen is now retrofitting homes for seniors and the handicapped.

For more information on Eileen, please go to her website at LifestyleDesign.com


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