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Drew McGukin

53 – Drew McGukin: Rising New York Interior Designing Star

Drew McGukin Background

Drew McGukin: Rising New York Interior Designing Star

Nick joins designer Drew McGukin of Drew McGukin Interiors live on a chaise lounge at the Design Blogger’s Conference in Atlanta. In this week’s podcast find out Drew’s perspective on leading a successful design team, his latest endeavors, including designing and manufacturing a customizable furniture collection, and how he got to where he is today.
Drew got his start in the design industry after a successful run in the residential real estate market in Atlanta, Georgia. By flipping and altering the homes he was listing, Drew discovered his true passion for Interior Design.
After spending 18 months at the New York School of Interior Design, Drew was determined to give 110% of his energy to Interior Design in New York City.

Design=CollaborationDrew McGukin interiors

When it comes to Drew’s team, he strongly enforces a motto of “Design equals Collaboration.” Drew believes that every member of his team should be able to see themselves in their work, creating a rewarding culture within his business. Within the firm, Drew sets the design direction for each project; then encourages his talented team of designers to interpret that direction. Drew manages 95% of the business development of Drew McGukin Interiors.

From Interiors to Furniture

Drew has recently been focusing his talents on a capsule furniture collection designed and manufactured 100% by him. Listen in to find out how Drew has curated this line to be truly customizable; allowing other designer’s to select finishes and materials to suit their client’s needs. The furniture line came to be after simple social media postings featured the pieces Drew was creating for his own client’s and projects. His goal is always to have the “work speak for itself” thus making it easy to market and sell.

Make a list, and Check it off

In the podcast, Drew speaks about the need for designers to be flexible in their design and with their clients. With communication being key in this industry, Drew wants to “let people (clients) be who they are, and meet them where they are”. The firm’s proposal and design process starts with providing a top to bottom cost estimate to get the space to reflect the design that the clients have selected Drew to create. From there, Drew has an open dialogue with his client’s to determine where and how far they wish to take the design.
Drew and Nick discuss the power of social media, and the role it has played in the growth of Drew McGukin Interiors. Drew believes strongly in keeping the personal touch and authenticity of his work present in all of his posts.
For students and new professionals, Drew offers the following advice “Surround yourself with successful people,” don’t be afraid to ask those you admire for advice, find mentors, take internships and seek out opportunity.

What’s Next for Drew McGukin

Drew is looking forward to the future expansion of his already successful furniture collection. He will also appear on an upcoming episode of Design Smackdown on the Design Network which will go live in April. Check back here for a link once the show has aired. Lastly, Drew is thankful for the design industry, which has been good to him, the incredible opportunities he’s had and the amazing people he’s met. Learn more about Drew at DrewMcgukin.com and follow him at @drewmcgukin on Instagram.

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