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creating video

Getting Started With Video For Your Interior Design Business

I’m here posting once again from Atlanta at ADAC. I’m checking out some of the showrooms that the designers use on a daily basis to source materials. Here is Martin Nash, what a cool place.

I’ve been at the Design Bloggers Conference for the last couple of days and we’ve been talking a lot about marketing, bouncing ideas off of each other to designers, bloggers, and other vendors. I wanted to give you a tip on video. Everyone has been talking about video, thus why I’ve been posting videos in all of my recent blogs. It is very easy these days to do, it does not have to be expensive, it does not have to be anything highly produced. Grab your iPhone (that is what I am using right now) and you’ll have fantastic audio and fantastic video. It is really easy to pop out a couple minute-long video talking about you, about your current project, and about different sources you’re using.

You could even be doing what I am doing! I am down here recording at the design center (and I know you go to the design center on a regular basis). Who wouldn’t want to see some pictures, images, and video of the fantastic things your seeing?  This would be a great, easy way for you to get some video content up on a regular basis. That is what it is all about, you need to be doing it on a regular basis: Putting it up on your blog, putting it up on social media, putting it up for your followers to watch (whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter). There is a new program called Periscope that I am starting to check out, where you can go live – it is kind of like having your own television show. So, check out some of these easy ways you can use to promote you and get your name out. See you soon!


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