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S21 E4 – Nationwide Design in Smalltown Illinois with Amy Storm

On this Friday’s episode of the Chaise Lounge, Nick is joined by Amy Storm of Designstorms to discuss her journey from Barbie Dreamhouse decorator to an entrepreneur with 10 employees designing all over the country out of Glen Ellyn, Illinois.

72 – Michael Abrams: Chicago Interior Designer and Architect

michael abrams limited

Michael Abrams: Chicago Interior Designer and Architect

Today in the Lounge, your host Nick May interviews a fantastic guest, Michael Abrams, based out of Chicago, IL. Before we get to that, a few updates from The Lounge: Nick’s been working on building a team to give feedback on the show, to better our content in order to serve our loyal listeners, if you are interested please reach out to Nick. We’d also like to start today’s show with a shout out to Design Manager, one of our very best sponsors. Design Manager is in the business of helping designers grow their business, which is right up our alley here at The Chaise Lounge!

Michael Abrams: From Architecture to Interior Design

Nick is starting with something a little different today, by asking Michael to define a few interior design terms, perhaps you already know these terms, but if not, see listed below and learn something new, from a world renowned designer nonetheless!

  1. Settee: a sofa, usually smaller scale, an intimate loveseat.
  2. Patina: Natural aging, as Michael describes, a Patina is that “lived in” look.
  3. Timeless: Classics, something that never goes out of style.

Nick asks how Michael got interested in interior design, “I knew I wanted to study fine arts and I was at the University of South Carolina for a little over a year, but I knew I wanted to go to an Art school, and a professor of mine suggested the School of the Art Institute in Chicago, where I applied and transferred and got my bachelor of Fine Arts.” After his bachelor’s degree, Michael went on to study Architecture at the University of Illinois and received a Master’s degree. After school, Michael went on to work for an architect, and then for a brief time, he worked in ‘Corporate America’ for a bank, as an owner’s representative. He spent time switching back and forth between architecture and corporate America, but after several downsizing or outsourcing events, Michael, at the age of 40 decided to follow his passion, in residential interior design.

Michael says of his first client, “My first client was a referral from a builder that I knew, that I had purchased a home from, and he referred me to a client who was truly wonderful and ironically, 15 years later, I’m still doing work for this client, I’ve done several second homes for them, quite a few modifications to the original home that they are still in, and have created a great long-term relationship with them.”

Nick asks about Michael’s business as it stands today, Michael describes his two separate teams and how his business is broken down, he also discusses the work that he does around the country. Michael talks about how he, until about 9 months ago, was doing all the bookkeeping, and how hiring an accountant has helped him grow his business and free up his time for things that are a better use of his talent. For almost 9 years, Michael was running the business solely on his own, he describes how that’s grown in the past 3 years, “It’s been a rapid growth in a short amount of time.” Nick asks Michael what triggered the change from working from home to taking on an office space. Michaels office is about 720 square feet with 5 people, which he says works ok because people are in and out throughout the day.

Nick and Michael talk about his proposal process, “I work a little different than many of my colleagues, because I never went to Interior Design school, when I opened up my practice, I decided to present what I felt was a realistic budget based on the scope of the work and based on the type of work I want to be doing. I put together a line by line budget, that is a reflection of the quality of my work, so I can be on the same page as the client, regarding cost, and this is all before I’m even retained.”

Nick asks Michael about how he finds clients, “I’m very active on Houzz, so I receive a lot of contact from that, as well as referrals and repeat work, I have clients that are serial renovators, I love those people, I love them very much!” Nick and Michael talk a bit more about Houzz and how that business has helped grow Michael’s firm, “I am a pro member and I’ve found that to be invaluable”.  Michael has been obtain clients from across the country using Houzz.com

Regarding social media, Michael keeps a Facebook page active with project photos and is also active on Pinterest. “I also do marketing through Luxe Magazine, here in the Midwest.” Michael, like many of the other designers we’ve had on the show, describes the importance of good photography of his work.

“50-60% of the work we do is “out of the ground” houses, where we are working with the architect designing the home all the way through furniture installation.” He also will work on newer homes, or homes that are a few years old, dressing those up and personalizing them, which is the balance of the rest of the project type he works on.

With an architecture background, Michael describes his advantage in understanding construction and sequencing, “I think if you don’t have that background, you may not understand the importance of timing.”  On the other hand, with the softer side if interior design, Michael describes himself as self-taught in that realm, so when he gets recommendations from vendors on their products, he listens and he takes their advice.

Michael enjoys the marketing hat and of course the designing aspect, “I do like to meet new people and I like the presenting factor “. Nick asks about the software and presentation tools he uses, which comprises mostly of sketch-up and AutoCAD. “It’s fascinating how fast things change,” Michael says of the use of computer technology in the field. When looking for new talent, he looks for good energy, and for someone who would be a good mesh with the environment of his office. He also wants someone who appreciates his aesthetic, “it’s not always my way or the highway but their taste should align with my aesthetic.”

Michael dispenses his advice to students or those just starting out, “Follow your passion, interior design has always been a passion for me, and if it’s truly a passion, then their chances for success are good. Communication is critical and its critical to people’s success.”

To learn more, you can reach out directly to Michael at Michael@michaelabrams.com or visit www.michaelabrams.com

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32 – Michael Del Piero: Worldly traveler turned Interior Designer

Good Design: Michael del Piero


Great show today.  Designer Michael Del Piero for Chicago talks about her switch from going to school to be a nurse, to being an executive coach, to interior design.  I love how each person I interview has a unique and different path into design.

design manager logo


Our sponsor Design Manager is announcing an iPad giveaway.  If you purchase in the month of September or October you will be entered into a raffle where they are giving away an iPad and an iPad Mini.  You can get additional entries to the raffle if you purchase and then tweet or facebook about the promotion using the hashtag #dmdesigner. If you give DM a try, please let them know you heard about them in The Lounge.

Michael, like many of my guests, had a different path into design.  Buying items from around the world, she started selling hand-made products she would find.  A customer asked her to help place the items in her home, but quickly realize that she needed more help than just accessorizing.  This was Michael’s first interior design project.  She picked paint, flooring, and furniture along with her accessories.  Michael was one of the earliest vendors on 1st Dibs, is known for her accomplished eye and uncommon knack for a serene and simple mix that bridges generations of style. Michael has a distinct aesthetic fusing rough with luxurious and ancient with modern.

Interior design Chicago: Michael del Piero


Good Design has grown to have a staff of six, helping Michael with everything from purchasing, sketching, and designing beautiful spaces.  Michael’s work has appeared in over 350 interior design blogs as well as national and regional publications such as Traditional Home, House Beautiful, The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune, and 1st Dibs Introspective who declared her work as “truly, one of a kind”. Her projects are also featured in popular interior design books including House Beautiful’s Kitchens, Chicago Spaces and the international publication, Visions of Design.

Amazingly enough, Michael has no formal interior design training, but seems to have the “it” factor.  She admits in our chat that she is not a great manager, but clearly has a knack for finding talented people to compliment her to grow the business.  I know you are going to love this interview just as much as I did.  To learn more about Michael, go to her website at Michael Del Piero Good Design.

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