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27 – Everage Design: Interior Design as a family affair

Everage design


Today in the Lounge I have the first husband and wife team, John and Krista Everage started Everage Design over 30 years ago and make a fantastic pair. rustic modern Their now grown children have decided to join them in the design firm, and each have their areas of expertise.  John has a masters in fine arts from the Art Institute of Chicago and Krista has a degree in interior design and a minor in architecture from the University of Cincinnati.

esquireStarting in 1986, Krista started Everage Design after working at a prestigious design firm in Los Angeles.  John joined her in 1989 as the firm was needing more help.  Mostly they focus on residential projects, but they do get asked to work on the occasional restaurant and office space.   John works a lot with the contractors and architectural details, and Krista specializes in furniture and soft treatments.  Together they build the vision and concept and manage each project as a team.

In our conversation, we talked about how they got started, Krista’s first client that landed her in Architectural Digest.  Not bad out of the gate!  They have continued to find lots of media coverage, and even landed themselves in Esquire Magazine once or twice.  We also talked a bit about their work outside of Cali.  Everage Design had the opportunity to work on one of the most famous home in my neck of the woods…Cableland, build by cable mogul Bill Daniels.cableland in Denver

So thankful to have the opportunity to have John and Krista on the show to share their unique story.  To learn more about them, go to her website at Everagedesign.com.

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