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35 – Robin Bond: From Rock Star to Interior Design

Robin Bond Interiors

Robin Bond:  From Rock Star to Interior Design

Today’s show features a fantastic designer from Austin, Texas, Robin Bond of Robin Bond Interiors.  Robin, like so many other interior designers, fell into the craft in a round about way.  Her first career…Rock Star.  Yep, rock star.  She sang in a band traveling around, until she had a medical issue with her vocal cords, and fell into selling insurance.  Talk about a change of directions.  With no creative outlet, she found herself decorating spaces.  First for herself, and soon for friends.  Sound familiar?  Today, Robin leads a team of five, also owns a drapery business called Draped, and writes a blog called Wine, Dine, and Design.

e-mythLots of business learnings in today’s interview with Robin.  Robin talked about the importance of systems.  She learned about this early on in her interior design business journey when a friend recommended that she read Michael Gerber’s book called E-Myth.  If you are new into your interior design business, I highly recommend you pick up a copy.  It will be the best investment of time you can make.

One of the other things we talked about at length is the sales role of an interior designer.  Most people who get into interior design, do it because they want to make spaces look and function great.  But as a designer, you are a sales person that is getting paid to solve problems and find solutions.  The better you are at this, the better your interior design business will be.

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28 – Komal Sheth: Austin based interior design

Spaces Designed


Today in The Lounge, I have Austin based designer Komal Sheth.  She is originally from India, but now has a thriving design firm in Austin, Texas.  Spaces Designed is a multifaceted interior design, architecture, remodeling and interior design firm that was created with one goal in mind, “the home should be a reflection of the Client’s vision and taste with the Interior Designer’s touch to exceed expectations”.

Komal shared how she came to The States, and how she has been so successful.  One of the things we talked about was marketing.  She gave us a fewsteiner Ranch key ingredients for her marketing:

  • Invest in good photography
  • Invest in a good web design
  • Invest in good SEO for your website
  • Sprinkle project pictures into social media.

All of these items don’t produce work overnight, but if done consistently, will return volumes back to you…that is if you treat your customers well, and give great customer service like Komal and her team.

So thankful to have the opportunity to have Komal share her story.  To learn more about her, go to her website at spacesdesigned.com.

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