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3D Modeling Software

75 – Industry: Talking about 3D Modeling programs and being grateful

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It’s another installment of the Industry series where your host discusses a specific topic with an industry expert, Phyllis Harbinger. On today’s show, we are speaking on gratitude, specifically having an ‘attitude of gratitude!” Tune in for valuable insight into the interior design world, and continue to learn how to grow your business.

Phyllis Harbinger: ‘Attitude of Gratitude’

“I really think this is such an important topic, because we all grateful at thanksgiving, around the holidays, to our employees, to our vendors, to our clients, but what about the rest of the year, those other 11 months? When you really think about it, you need to take even little snippets of opportunity to show that you are grateful to someone for whatever they did to make your day or to enhance a project, I think that is just so critical to success.” Phyllis goes on to talk about how the changing nature of business, over email and phone, and how important hand-written notes or face to face contact can be in showing gratitude. Phyllis talks about a specific service called “Send Out Cards,” which allows her to easily and conveniently send out a personalized card or gift, she also talks about holding client appreciation events, and even holding it at a client’s home after a project finishes. “It’s a great way to market, and it really doesn’t cost you that much, you know a couple bottles of wine, some cheese and a server, for the client to show off their new space to their guests, while also marketing your work.
Phyllis continues talking about gratitude, especially with her staff, and gives an example where if you maybe can’t afford to give out a raise, giving an extra day off around the holidays or even on in a regular work week, as a way to show gratitude. “I think you’ve got to look at what you’ve got, what’s your bandwidth, and then decide, but always try to be grateful and always thank people for what they do.” Nick talks about how easy it can be to forget to do these little things, but how important and beneficial it can be. Phyllis says, “People would rather have experiential gifts rather than concrete gifts, and sharing an experience is a way to show comradery.”
Check out harbingerdesignconsulting.com to learn more from Phyllis on topics similar to what was discussed today, such as ways to grow your business and market your work.

Jillian Lare: 3D modeling and its place in Interior Design

Next up on today’s show, Nick interviews an industry revit rendermember that brings value to the interior design business through a specific topic, today we’re talking about 3D modeling software’s and how they can be used to grow your business. Nick and Jillian start off by talking about the 5 big ‘take-aways’ from the Design Blogger’s Conference. Jillian is an instructor at Iowa State teaching interior design. Her background includes industrial engineering along with a creative nature, which led her eventually to become an interior design who focuses on efficiency of spaces.
Jillian describes how she got her start using 3D modeling software’s throughout her career, she describes how 3D modeling is helpful in helping clients visualize a space and communicate with contractors on the project. She describes her first introduction to 3D software, which started with Sketch-Up, a google program. She also talks about the Autodesk product, Revit, that she now teaches at Iowa State along with Chief Architect, another useful design software. Jillian also talks about 3D modeling versus hand drawn visuals, and they debate between which technique is more useful for students. “We’ve actually had employers tell us that they will pay more for a new employee that can hand draw,” Jillian advises.
Jillian talks about the time constraints these types of software have to fit within, and how she selected Chief Architect as her main tool for 3D modeling, She’s even written a free e-book comparing the three software, that helps others decide which product to use, as these software programs can be a big financial investment. Jillian describes the costs of each of the software she’s explored and the pros and cons of each.
designstudentsavvy.com is where you can find Jillian’s e-book, along with blog posts and tutorials, both written and video with downloadable models to follow along with. You can also reach out to Jillian by emailing her directly at jillian.lare@gmail.com

Updates from The Chaise Lounge

Nick is getting ready to head down to Atlanta, for the Atlanta International Gift and Home Furniture show to obtain some great interviews from attendees and designers down there.
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