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About the Author
Elizabeth Aaron is the owner and principal of Elizabeth Aaron Interior Design. Having been in the industry for more than 20 years she has key insight into the fabulous world of interiors and more.

Vegas Market Trends Summer 2018

Vegas Market Trends Summer 2018

By Elizabeth Aaron | July 31, 2018
I just returned from Vegas Market and boy, are my feet tired! I visited over 110 showrooms in four days. I’m honored to have been a Style Spotter for Nick May’s The Chaise Lounge Podcast. In covering so much ground, I noticed the following trends:
  • Whitest Whites & Lots of Color
  • Texture
  • Whimsy
  • Made in America
  • Multi-taskers


 color1                      color2                       color3

I provide regular color consultations for clients and have noticed this year that everyone wants white walls. So it’s fortunate that vendors are featuring lots of color in furniture, accessories and area rugs to make homes cheerful. Things like upholstery in fun colorways as well as family-friendly stain-resistant white fabrics, lacquered mirrors in every color of the rainbow, casegoods in unexpected colors, and rugs made from silk saris all brighten the home. And while it might not be time to cue the disco music, plexiglass is back in a big way as a chair leg or complete table.


texture3          texture1         texture2

Texture was everywhere this Market – from upholstery to lighting and accessories. Accessories are smooth, shiny, spiky or spotted. Upholstery is fluffy faux fur, pleated or channel quilted velvet. Light fixtures and tabletop accessories feature colored, bubble & leaded glass. Another noticeable trend is concrete for use indoors and out.


            whimsy1                     whimsy4

I believe a good sense of humor is one of life’s most important skills. So I’m thrilled to see so much whimsy in this season’s furniture, art and accessories. Whether a nod to vintage graphics featured in photographic prints or bold patterns in casegoods, it’s easy to infuse fun in a space simply by placing a special piece. Be on the lookout for lions, tigers and bears – animals are big this season in art and accessories.

Made in America

 IMG_6557                               IMG_6677                          IMG_6706

It was notable that many companies are returning to source and manufacture in America. While you might expect to pay more for domestic production, that’s not necessarily the case. So buying American is something we can not only feel good about but also afford!


               IMG_7388                              IMG_6727

Our busy lives have us working longer hours to juggle everything. So it only makes sense that we demand our furniture multitask with us. Our desks can go from sitting to standing with the push of a button. People aging in place can benefit from lift chairs. If you have a significant other who snores, an adjustable bed just might fix that problem!

Elizabeth Aaron is an acclaimed interior designer, founder of Elizabeth Aaron Interior Design, and author of the Four Friends Design Blog