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Welcome once again to the Chaise Lounge Podcast! This week, Nick May sits down with Julien Legeard, a residential and hospitality designer with a powerhouse team in Miami.

Julien was born and raised in France. He studied business in university to extend his range of possibilities for a successful career. His interest in the field diminished, but he discovered a passion for craftsmanship, a fascination with people who strive to be exceptional, and an interest in architecture and design. Much to our surprise, Julien did not receive formal education in architecture or design. He educated himself working for several companies in high-end residential projects, learning the ins and outs of structural design from raw experience. After years of developing skills, Julien started his own firm, Legeard Studio, and works in residential and hospitality.

Legeard Studio’s team of talented designers from all over the world provide a richness to the experience for clients. To Julien, the most exciting thing of the job is understanding a client’s vision and making it a reality. He is proud and thankful of his team for their accomplishments, and hopes to take the public on a journey to discover beauty.

You can find Legeard Studio’s work on their site, legeardstudio.com, and follow Julien on Instagram @legeardstudio

The success of a good design-architectural studio is to have every-day people that are happy to work for you. And once you have that, it's easier to do those difficult projects

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Wrap Up

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