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Up-And-Coming New York Residential Designer Todd Raymond + Design Coach & Author Gail Doby | S30E8

Hello, and welcome to the Chaise Lounge! Today we have a double-feature episode for your. This week Nick May sits down with Todd Raymond, a young residential designer on the rise. Furthermore, Nick catches up with our dear friend Gail Doby.

Todd’s interest in design began in his childhood, when his grandmother gifted him an AD magazine. Growing up, he faced many obstacles that prevented him from studying architecture, as well as other endeavors that caught his interest. After many years of distractions, Todd returned to college go pursue a career in architecture. He went on to work on several design firms and participate in ambitious projects. This experience gave him the confidence to open his own firm, Studio Todd Raymond.

Todd is big on networking to market himself. He will seize any opportunity to form a connection that can lead to a successful path. One of his focus points is the customer experience, as great service allows for loyal clients. To help in making that experience flow, Todd makes sure to be transparent about his prices and the client’s budget; he is not afraid of discussing the money side of business. As he says, even the multi-billionaire customer has an amount they’re willing to spend.

Be sure to follow Todd on Instagram @studiotoddraymond, and check his developing portfolio at studiotoddraymond.com

Gail Doby, CEO of Gail Doby Coaching & Consulting, returns with a call-to-action. Some of the biggest hurdles for designers, especially after Covid, are setting fees, salaries, and competing for talent. To address these issues, Gail invites you to participate in her 2022 Interior Designers Survey on Fees, Salaries and Competing for Talent

We want people to understand us aesthetically, [and] recognize and recommend us because we are hospitality-driven firm. We want to make sure that the client experience is really top-notch.

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Wrap Up

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