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Denver Designer and Renovator Anna Smith of Anna Bode Talks Sustainability | S30E6

Welcome back to the Chaise Lounge! This week, Nick May sits down with Anna Smith, owner of Anna Bode located right here in Denver Colorado!

Anna grew up in New Hampshire. She found an interest in historic preservation, although science and chemistry were not her strong suits. She then moved to studying history of decorative arts in London, focusing on historic homes and the history of interior design. Eventually she worked for an interior design studio in New York, and later moved Colorado to open her own.

Because of her background in historic preservation, Anna often works on older homes, specifically residential renovations; the idea of restoring a piece of architecture to its former glory is exciting to her. She also highlights how her team puts a strong emphasis on sustainability and reducing material waste, hoping to influence the industry in a significant way.
Running a design business is not just about being a good designer. Of course there’s the business side of thing, and Anna shares how she learned to manage her studio through a variety of methods. Some of them include listening to podcasts and taking notes, networking with creatives, and even starting a mastermind group to explore ideas with other designers.

If you’d like to learn more about Anna, be sure to follow her on Instagram @annabode and check out her website annabode.com!

In terms of what success looks like, my goal with Anna Bode - since we've transitioned into this focus on sustainability - is to feel like we're operating in a different way than design has in the past, and that we're making an influence on the industry.

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