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The AD100 List, The WOW List, and Streamlining the Architectural Digest Experience with David Kaufman | S30E4

Welcome back to the Chaise Lounge podcast! It is now 2022 and to start the new year motivated, Nick May sits down with global Digital Director at Architectural Digest David Kaufman!

David has been featured in the show a few times before. For those who missed out, he worked as editor for the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, New York Post, and other giants in the world of journalism. As his current title suggests, he is in charge of translating AD’s print content to digital platforms.

Aside from reminding us about the new AD100 list, David introduces us to Architectural Digest’s first ever Works Of Wonder (WOW) List, which features a curated selection by their international editors of the best projects in the world. Furthermore, AD’s editors are also working to slowly make the AD experience more visual and less verbal, removing the need for the extra translation work and incorporate the universal language of images and icons.

If you’d like to learn more about David, you can follow him on Instagram @kaufmandavidnyc

This year... there's a company-wide effort for all of the brands with international presences to try to integrate global content and global operations.

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