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Positive Energy In A Space, With Boulder & Aspen Interior Designers Joe McGuire and Matthew Tenzin | S30E3

Welcome! In this week’s Chaise Lounge, Nick May chats with fellow Colorado designers, Joe McGuire and Matthew Tenzin, principal designers of Joe McGuire Design in Boulder and Aspen.

Joe and Matt enjoyed rearranging furniture and decorating their rooms at an early age. Joe studied Art History and started his design career in New York right out of college. Matt on the other hand earned a degree in philosophy and became a Buddhist monk. He later met Joe – who was an already-established designer – and pursued design himself to be part of the journey.

Joe McGuire Design puts a strong emphasis on the importance of space. They make it clear that interior design is not just a job. It’s an experience; a deep exploration of a person’s spirituality and their connection to a space and its contents. Joe and Matt take everything into consideration to ensure that their work plays into a client’s well-being and enhances serenity.

Check out Joe and Matt’s portfolio on their website joemcguiredesign.com, and be sure to follow them on Instagram @joemcguiredesign!

We practice what we call "holistic design." It's a wellness-focused approach to design that understands wellness in a deeper and wider way than is typically thought of... There's an energetic component to true health and well-being... the energetics of a space are key.

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