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Heather Weisz and Lisa Hynes of Florida’s HW Interiors: Setting Expectations | S30E2

Welcome once again to the Chaise Lounge! This week, Nick May invited Heather Weisz and Lisa Hynes, dynamic duo and founders of HW Interiors in Wellington, Florida!

Heather grew up in New York, and moved to Florida when she was 13. While attending the Art Institute of Miami, she married and bought a house in Miami to raise her first child. Lisa, an English major, grew up in Connecticut and eventually moved to Florida as well. Both ladies met while playing tennis and instantly became best friends. Lisa approached Heather for help with furnishing a custom home she was building. They enjoyed working together and decided to make it official by acquiring an office. Heather with her creative talents, and Lisa with her organizational skills, founded their own firm, HW Interiors.

Heather and Lisa share their experiences and challenges building their company as single moms. They managed to establish a balance between work and home life that their children could work with. This no-nonsense attitude carried over to HW Interiors, where they set clear boundaries by educating their clients about realistic expectations. Breaking the news to a client about a low bid to a high price is tough, but it’s a necessary step for any designer to take.

Check out HW Interior’s elegant work on their website www.hwinteriors.net, and be sure to follow them on Instagram @hw.interiors!

Letting go of being home all the time with the kids or being that controlling presence at home... taking a step back from that and giving control to other people was hard for me... and also letting go of my own expectations of myself.

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