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Award-Winning Denver Interior Designer and Passionate Leader Andrea Monath Schumacher | S30E1

Welcome back for a new season of The Chaise Lounge Lounge Podcast! To kick things off, Nick May goes local and invites Andrea Schumacher, a high-end residential designer based in Denver, CO.

Andrea and her family traveled around the world since she was kid. Her childhood in Nigeria greatly inspired her design work today, as evidenced by the vivid and exotic colors of her projects. Having grown all over the place, even going to a different high school every year, she developed an ability to make friends and better understand people. All these experiences influenced how Andrea built her company and team. She focuses on people, culture, and relationships, both for her clients and her team.

Things are looking quite exciting for Andrea Schumacher Interiors. This year, the team grew from 7 designers to 17. They are working on developing product lines of wall covering and textiles. What’s more, Andrea recently wrote a book; It’s called Vibrant Interiors: Living Large at Home and it features some of her best works, many of which have not been published before!

Be sure to check out Andrea and team’s work on their website, www.andreaschumacherinteriors.com, and follow them on Instagram @andreaschumacherinteriors!

I look at longevity... if on your resume you jump around a lot to different jobs, it's not for us... It's so much better to find somebody that you really want, and then train them up and keep them and do whatever it is you can to make them happy.

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Wrap Up

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