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Interior Designer Jill Howard and Her Journey to Open Her Own Studio | S29E3

Hi there! We hope you are prepared because this week in the Chaise Lounge, we are joined by Jill Howard, founder of Jill Howard Design Studio.

Growing up in a small town in the mountains of Virginia, Jill was not aware that one could become an interior designer. All she knew was that good grades meant becoming a doctor or a lawyer. She went to the College of William and Mary to pursue the former, only to find it was not the field for her. Later, Jill entered the world of music, which led to her studying music business (and meeting her future husband.) She purchased a house and found herself decorating it frequently. This gave her plenty of experience in business and a revelation for her new dream career.

Jill entered the New York School of Interior Design. Through hard work and a strike of luck, she worked with some of the largest names in the world of interior design, including Tom Scheerer and Jesse Carrier. 10 years later, Jill and her husband moved to Charleston, where she opened her own design studio. Her business experience came in handy, as she established systems and processes early on. There was still some trial and error, but nothing that she couldn’t handle. The studio is performing greatly, and Jill is working on a furniture line with a local maker. Keep an eye out for that!

Check out Jill Howard’s gorgeous portfolio at jillhoward.com/, and follow her on Instagram @jillhowarddesign!

Success is all about hard work, for sure. But there's always some luck at play.

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Wrap Up

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