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Bespoke Interior Designer Carrie Brigham on Her Journey & Design Education | S28E3

Welcome! Today in The Lounge, Nick sits down with Carrie Brigham of Carrie Brigham Design

Carrie is based in Naples, Florida and graduated from Florida State University in 2008, during the recession.  Nick and Carrie discuss trying to break into the interior design business during that time and Carrie’s journey from working at other design firms to eventually starting her own in 2017.  They also discuss Carrie’s future endeavors.

Learn more about Carrie at her website, www.carriebrighamdesign.com or follow Carrie on Instagram @CarrieBrighamDesign!

I'm more of a strong leader and it was my next step in my natural progression, to take a risk a on myself and go out on my own and launch my own company.

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Wrap Up

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