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Although many people have had a relatively positive experience through covid, our next guest was hit with a little more reality. A good friend of Nick May’s, Garrison Hullinger of Garrison Hullinger Interior Design joins him on The Chaise Lounge

Garrison gets real with Nick about his struggles with his business as soon as covid hit the U.S. He has struggled to keep his business above water having to lay off key employees and dealing with decreased revenue. One of his out-of-state projects even suffered an outbreak of covid among the workers. Let’s show support for Garrison!

A host on our very own Coast to Coast Design podcast, Garrison and his co-host, Lisa Davenport, talk about the many ways to run an interior design business.

Learn more about what Garrison is up to on his website Garrison Hullinger Interior Design and follow him on Instagram @ghidinc. Also, check out his podcast Coast to Coast Design.

The really sad part is going back into normalcy and seeing empty storefronts that we’re going to see. That’s going to be really tough on all of us. But I think it is going to drive us back into our homes. And I think that we are going to feel comfortable entertaining small groups again.

Chaise Lounge Updates

A new season of Coast to Coast Design is live, with Garrison Hullinger and returning co-host Lisa Davenport! That’s right, it’s their second season together and they’ve got plenty to say. Give it a listen to learn about just how many ways there are to run a design business, and keeping up with the changing landscape.

Wrap Up

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