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Sometimes it feels like the list of things that can just tear through a business is neverending. Right now we’re feeling the effects of one in particular – and while we’ve have all gone through plenty, our guest this episode has been through something that, literally, tore through her business. Not many can say that.

Please welcome Mel Bean of Mel Bean Interiors. Mel joins Nick on The Chaise Lounge to talk about her unique journey to interior design. A pre-med major who found her passion in design (“this is where I should be”), Mel gained her knowledge through college internships and no small amount of hard work. She’s inspired by nature, a practiced team builder, and has a thing or two to say about one of our favorite subjects: digital marketing.

Most importantly, she celebrates when we all try to help each other out as a community of peers. Sharing our experiences and our lessons. After all, a rising tide lifts all boats.


I do think that, in some cases, there is this competitive "guard your paper", "don't share experiences" - and I just don't think that benefits our profession as a whole. I just think that we can support each other as people. As designers.

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Wrap Up

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