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Motivo Home Partners Andrea Martoccia and Richard Fava | S25E14

Isn’t partnership great? Having someone to help carry the load, someone who always knows what you’re going through. To complement your strengths and weaknesses. Someone who has your back? On today’s episode of The Chaise Lounge, Nick sits down with Andrea Martoccia and Richard Fava of Motivo Home (serving south and central Florida).

A married couple with three children, Andrea and Richard bring a delightful energy to the show – and tell us all about how they met, live, work together, and got started in design. Even better, they’re regular Chaise Lounge listeners and surprise even Nick with their knowledge of his own life and trivia. Guess he’ll have to change things up a little to keep them on their toes!

Learn more about Andrea Martoccia, Richard Fava and their company Motivo Home Design at MotivoHome.com and follow @motivohome on Instagram.

We have learned to really shut down and give each section and element of our life the right time and the right focus. We can’t be around our children talking about work - where we're doing ourselves a disservice and we're hurting the kids. So we have learned over time to better at that.

designer Richard Fava (with Andrea Martoccia) of Motive Home Design Tweet

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Wrap Up

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