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Kitchen and Bath Designer Matthew Quinn and How to Make Your Own Way | S25E13

Nick May, our host and tour guide through the world of the business of design, has drawn a hard line in the sand. The Chaise Lounge is a place of rest. Of respite. While we recognize that our friends, and our peers, and the world at large are all going through a time of heightened challenge and stress – this is a place to come together and talk about our shared passion. Insights and challenges both creative and professional.

We’re thrilled to welcome Matthew Quinn to the show this week. A kitchen and bath expert,  published author of his own book series “Quintessential Kitchens“, and the owner of Design Galleria in Atlanta, Matthew’s path to design is one we’ve never quite heard before. It really goes to show how important (and possible) it is to make a change and go your own way. Groomed to be a doctor and armed with a degree in chemistry from the University of Florida, Matthew worked hard to find his true calling. Then he worked even harder to make it his own. 

You have to hear this one.

Learn more about Matthew Quinn and Design Galleria at Matthew-Quinn.com and Design-Galleria.net. Be sure to follow @designgalleriakitchenandbath on Instagram also!

The last few weeks - during this whole virus situation when everyone's on lockdown - the amount of emails and texts I'm getting from clients saying "I've never, ever spent this much time in my kitchen. My entire family's in this room and it's just working like a workhorse ... we loved it before, we love it even more now".

Kitchen and Bath Designer, and "Quintessential Kitchens" Author Matthew Quinn Tweet

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